Kingdom Merging Is Back: Blog Updates

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Latest Kingdom Merging Blog Updates

This is what we asked for guys. Massive Kingdom merges.

It appears that Game of War is adding structure to these merges which signals to me that they are serious about them. These new 8 and 10 way KvKs are going to keep getting crazier.

This time we are provided with a lot more detail on how the mergers are going to occur. I'll bet a lot of people were sending in support questions last time so they added more detail in the blog this time around.

Here's a quick summary of what will happen to you if you are in the losing Kingdom:

  • You will be randomly Teleported to the new Kingdom and receive an Advanced Teleport.
  • There will be no Events taking place during the merge.
  • All of your Marches will be recalled to your Stronghold before being Teleported over.
  • If you were a King, you will be dethroned.
  • Peace Shields will be extended for those who had them up.

The action begins on November 7th at 4pm PST and ends on November 9th at 4pm PST.

Nothing unexpected here so that's good. They're even extending shields - probably by 24 hours - for all those who merge over.

Humor: If you want to experience a humorous take on Kingdom Merging, take a look this article written by Harry from Game of War Tips.

Kingdom Merging Has Expanded To K300 and Below

The blog just released an announcement that more kingdoms will be merged. I'm not sure on the exact number yet, but I've talked to some Line groups and I've come up with a bunch of Kingdoms who will be merged:

38, 40, 42, 70, 72, 86, 100, 112, 136, 140, 142, 154, 156, 160, 166, 170, 180, 192, 196, 206, 224, 236, 244, 252, 254, 256, 264, 266, 270, 280, 286, 288, 296, 316, 328, 332, 456, 472, 511

The blog does not mention who they will be merged with. Time will tell.

Kingdom Merging

Let us know in the comments if your Kingdom is merging and higher than K300. Also, who you ended up merging with.

Kingdom Merging Is Finally HERE!

Take a look at Kingdoms 1, 2, 6, and 8 below. They will be fighting each starting this Saturday (10th) at 5pm PDT and ending on Monday (12th) at 5pm PDT.

According to the blog, the event will be a 4-way free for all lasting for two days. The first place kingdom will absorb the fourth place, and the second place kingdom will absorb the third place. I'm assuming MZ thinks the first place kingdom will be most active so they should merge with the fourth, and the second and third place kingdom will merge to become equally as active.

Actually when they first announced the Kingdom merger I was anticipating a single kingdom absorbing all 3 of the losers. I'm not sure how active these old kingdoms are but I feel that they are at least 1/4 as active as a new kingdom. Personally, I think MZ should merge all the kingdoms enough so that they are as close to equally as active as possible. This would likely create the most competition and thus enjoyment.

kingdom merge

My question is how would MZ deem this Kingdom Merging as a success vs a failure? What would make them want to continue merging kingdoms to become more comparatively active?