7 Tips For Troop Training in Game of War

troop training

Troop Training Guidelines

After talk of all these landmine accounts and strategies I've been posting up on how to spot them, someone asked me how they can increase their troop training speed. Currently, it's taking them 23 hours to train 3,500 T3 troops.

Update: All former relevant articles and comments on troop training have been include in this ONE article :) We are working on a site wide transformation to merge all our content on a single topic if it was spread out. Then, we will be updating these articles with the most relevant information on a frequent basis. We believe this will be more convenient for everyone.

1. Every Level of Villa Equals 1% Training Speed

Build and level up more villas. For every level of villa you gain +1% troop training speed.

2. Craft A Gear Set For Training

Have a hero fear set like the "Economy Set" that maximizes your troop training. Use this build when you are trying to pump out a lot of troops for placing in an event.

  • There a few special event items: Inferno Legplates (20%), Hades Axe (12%), Chained Marble Hammer (10%). Remember that you only need to have gear equipped when you first start the training in order to get the reduced time, and then you can remove it. Actually, I think there is also a gold gift that gives you a bonus as well.
  • A Hade's Helm gives a 12% boost.
  • Check the Hero Gear Tool to see if there is any new gear that has higher training speed bonuses. I'm sure there is.
  • The latest training gear that is absolutely killer is the General Set (find it in the Hero Gear Tool).

Do not try to combine your troop training build down the left side of your tree with your combat build. Your combat build needs to be full combat. I would only use the training build while shielded or rallied so that you don't lose troops if you get hit.

3. The Restorative, Hero, and Combat Trees Have Training Speed Boosts

  • Tier 3 Restorative research unit that you can gain 10% bonus from when fully completed.
  • Tier 4 Hero research unit that you can gain 5% training speed from.
  • Tier 1 Combat research unit that is super easy and gives 20%.
  • Troop Training Capacity II in the defense tree.
  • Hero levels 51-60 has troop training capacity and training time III

4. Training Speed Calculation

"Bonuses are calculated with this formula: (Original Time) / (100% + Bonuses). Also, in Barracks' more information page, it will not display what your total training speed bonus is, but instead will show you total % time reduced off of the original."

Reminder: I do want to remind you guys that a majority of your "true power" comes from your level of research, hero gear, and gems, not the amount of troops you have.

I'm sure some of you guys have other tips or gear that you know about, if so, let us know in the comments.

5. Choose The Right Troops For You

There are 4 main troop classes Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege.

Troop Type
 Troop Quality

 High Carrying Capacity

 High March Speed

 Medium Speed and Medium Capacity

 Very High Carrying Capacity

In the beginning, you may pick which troop type to focus on based on what gems and gear you have. For example, you may have picked up 3 lvl 5 infantry gems from chances, and you want to make use of them.

I train Cavalry and Ranged troops because I find myself hitting hives often, and I want to be able to port into a hive and quickly attack as many strongholds as possible before getting rallied. Therefore, I focus my hero skill points on Cavalry and Ranged, with no point in Infantry.

Spenders: As a spender you are subjected to different conditions and are obliged to produce all troop types for optimal defenses (producing all troop types reduces your vulnerability when being initially attacked). Siege is somewhat optional once you reach T4s. An equal mix of all troop types is best for trap accounts.

6. Train Your Troops According To Your Resource Focus

I've talked in a previous post about having a resource focus, but, I'll touch on it again before going into this next post. Basically, each person in your alliance focuses 22 resource tiles on one resource. This creates exponential single resource production over time. If you create an alliance where frequent resource sharing is the norm, (which doing this does help with) this method will allow spenders to gather resources for huge builds very quickly. Over half of my current alliance (BEU) creates 200,000-500,000 of their single rss per hour.

My resource focus is ore. Therefore, I primarily build Cavalry. I research cavalry primarily, put skill points in them primarily when I'm fighting, and focus my gems on them. The reason I do this is because when my rss focus is ore, cavalry primarily requires ore to train, so I almost always have rss to train troops which is essential to growing my power.

Warning: Do not only build one troop type or your enemies will send the opposing troop type. Also, if you only train one type it limits the amount of strongholds you can attack.

Did you know we have a troop training tool that tells you the exact amount of resources and speeds you need to train for troop training events? 

7. Maximize How You Instant Train Your Troops

If you have a lot of speedups and resources are ready to train a bunch of troops. This guide will teach you how to maximize the troops you can train.

In case you didn't know yet: gold price is directly correlated to speed up times.

For Example:

2hr 59 min = 300 gold

3hr 1min = 650 gold

7hr 59min = 650 gold

8hr 1 min = 1000 gold

Before instant training, make sure your training time is just below one of the major speed up times ie. (1hr, 3hr, 8hr, 15hr etc)

In your barracks set the amount of troops to be trained so that the time is just under one of the speed up times. Then, write that number down or remember it so you don't have to readjust the counter each time.

training troops

So the maximum troops I should train if I were to use a 3hr speedup or pay 300 gold would be 404 troops.

7.1 Bonus - How Powerful are 43 Million T1?

This powerful.