5 Minute 500% Fire March Speed in BETA

mariah carey speed snip

New 500% March Speed Boost

You know why I think they just released this item in BETA?

That's why^

In fact, I've heard rumors that MZ is taking their Mariah Carey sponsorship to the next level by introducing her into the game. This is what the new boost will be called:

mariah carey march speed snip




I don't even know if Mariah Carey could run for 5 minutes straight.

Ok ok, no more jokes now. . .


There's literally fire that blazes just as MC turns to run..

Ok now I'm done for real.

Nothing special with this new item guys. It's pretty straight forward: your troops will run like Flash, your enemy will never see you coming, your enemy will probably get zeroed, and the item will probably cost 100k gold 😀

Actually though, this is a great item to use for those of you whose gear has no march speed bonus and you want to surprise attack someone who is a couple screen lengths away, or use one of these and burn an entire hive in 5 min flat with your hero in every march.



p.s. This article was partially inspired by this great blog post about MC running.