Spotting A Scam

Game of War Scam

Spotting A Scam in Game of War

Game of War Scam

I realized yesterday that I haven't posted on something that can be very detrimental to you guys and your game of war experience.

That is, when someone takes your account because you are not sure how to protect yourself.

This actually happened to me about 3 months into the game when I decided to jump from K58 to K80. I wanted to sell my account in K58 to help fund my new account. I had spent $150 on the account, but was only selling it for $80. I posted to the common "sell your account" chat rooms in the game that were called "walmart" and "ebay" at the time. A guy messaged me saying he would buy my account, but he wanted to see some screenshots. While conversing with him over email and in game mail, he seemed like a pretty trustworthy guy.

So, I changed the email of my account to his email to let him look at it in more detail so that he could determine whether or not my account was legit... Once I gave him the email, he never messaged me back again and I never got the money.

If you give someone email control of your account, they CAN CHANGE  the password and PIN number.

Game of War Scam Angry

Needless to say, I was pretty mad bro.

A very similar thing happened to another reader of this site a few days ago and he emailed me with this:

"This guy has actually scammed me in a previous kingdom.  Different game tag but same email address.The scam starts with the guy emailing you asking if you want to sell your account.  He doesn't even ask important info like how much gold, troops, research, gear.  Then he offers $2500 which in today's days market is incredibly too high. Then, he wants the transaction to happen like this:

Game of War Scammer

Seems like common sense but I fell for it previously.  Once you switch the email address, he can change the password and pin and you're screwed.  No account and no money."

So everyone, please be careful and do not switch email addresses with anyone, or give them your account info until they pay you. 

The buyer CANNOT reverse a transaction through Paypal for digital property. Paypal has a no refund policy for digital property (game of war accounts) transactions.

Please share this post with your friends, alliance members, and anyone you know who is trying to sell their account. The highest success rate I have heard when it comes to selling accounts, is when you only sell to other alliance members or other people in game who you already know and talk to.

Share your scam stories in the comments below about you or someone you know so we can protect each other!

Enjoy safely!