Finding Materials Is Easier Than You Think


Where To Find Materials

Obtaining the right materials is essential to your success in Game of War. With the right materials you can craft gear that will allow you to burn your enemies, train your troops faster, kill more monsters, speed up your research, or pretty much make anything in the game easier.

If there was anything that holds the highest value in the game, it's what gear you have.

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You Can Discover Materials During Battle


Recently I was asked if I know how many troops someone has to kill or hospitalize in a battle in order to discover materials. I do not know exact numbers, but I have deduced some general rules in regards to discovering materials during battle:

  1. The more troops killed or wounded in a battle, the more materials are dropped.
  2. The higher level troops killed or wounded in a battle, the higher level materials are dropped.
  3. The materials you discover are not taken from the enemy, nor are materials taken from you when you get attacked, they are simply "discovered" out of thin air.

You Can Discover Materials By Gathering From Tiles

map resource food

Here are all the crafting materials, where you can farm them from, and what bonus they are associated to!

Camp – Wood – Feather, Leather, or Timber
Farm – Food – Hide, Parchment, or String
Fort – Silver – All Basic Materials
Mine – Ore – Glass, Metal, or Plating
Quarry – Stone – Marble, Cloth, or Jewelry

Cloth – Troop Health Bonus
Feather – Food Production
Glass – Research Speed
Hide – Troop Defense Bonus
Jewelry – Silver Production
Leather – Troop Load
Marble – Siege Attack
Metal – Cavalry Attack
Parchment – Construction Speed
Plating – Infantry Attack
String – Ranged Attack
Timber – Trap Attack

Additional Note: Attack a monster of any level every time you log in, they drop decent materials and items:)

Kill Monsters


As the game progresses and more materials are released with new sets, it's becoming increasingly important to kill monsters in order to collect free materials. The monster slayer gear set is extremely effective for killing high level monsters and collecting high level materials. You will certainly need to kill and farm a LOT of monsters in order to complete a set. Monsters will also drop gems, gold, and many other items too though.

Purchase Chests From The In Game Store


You can buy chests from the alliance store or the normal store. The alliance store only offers common chests with low level materials, while the normal store offers epic chests that will drop items between level 1-6.

The drop chance for epic chests to drop high level materials is pretty low though, so I don't recommended spending your gold on them. Also, the alliance store common chests drop very low level materials that are only useful between stronghold levels 1-12 or so.

Discover Materials In The Dungeon

game of war dungeon hella prizes

The dungeon can actually drop some pretty decent loot over time if you have the gold to spend on Dark Energy. The low level materials add up over time and can combine into some useful high level gear. Primarily the dungeon drops "basic" gear that cannot be use for more power set gear.

Dark energy can always be bought in small quantity from the alliance store.

The Wonder Dungeon will be released pretty soon since we see it in BETA a few weeks ago. The Wonder Dungeon doesn't affect the core game play so it's pretty much guaranteed that it will launch.

Remember to take advantage of event rewards when farming the dungeon for materials using Dark Energy. If possible find two events that are happening at the same time that offer points for fighting in the dungeon.

Craft Wisely

Game of War, Crafting, Real Tips

Obviously this is not a method for retrieving materials, but this will help you save essentials materials that you do have. When crafting an item, try  your best to use materials that are all the same level. If you do not, there is a very high chance you will be wasting your high level materials. The game automatically choses your highest level materials to craft with, but you can select what materials you want just before finally crafting an item.

For example, you may need 2 cloth and 1 string for some item. The game selects for you 2x lvl 2 cloth and 1x lvl 6 string. In this scenario, you only have a 5% of crafting a lvl 6 item, therefore you should switch out the lvl 6 string for a lvl 2 string so you don’t waste your lvl 6 string.

Using all materials of certain color will guarantee that color gets crafted. 

More articles on crafting here: Core Crafting Guide, When You Should Craft and When You Shouldn't, Crafting Cores With A Purpose

Inferno Event Rewards


Inferno events have been significantly harder lately, but some events have some nice materials rewards. Be sure to choose the events that have primarily material rewards, not like half speeds and half materials.

Dig Sites


Dig sites are another way to get materials that can be almost as risky as gathering from a resource tile. Multiple players can be given the same dig site location in a map. If another player sees that you are on a dig site that they want to farm, they can attack you. On the other hand, if a player has not opened a map with the coordinates of your dig site, they will not be able to attack you. Each map will give you an idea of what materials you might find in the dig site (see picture below), but those examples are typically what has very low percentage chance of dropping.

treasure map / dig site drops

Warning: Every dig site has a length of time required to dig the whole site, and that length of time is typically very long. For example, a level 3 dig site that I just started will take 53 days.

For more detailed information on dig sites, read Treasure Maps Explained.

Completing Daily Quests


There are six different levels of daily and alliance quests: basic (black), common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange). Probably the greatest thing about quests materials is that you are guaranteed to get the level of material that your quest is. You can buy daily and alliance quest resets in the alliance store.

epic quest