BETA: New Explorer Dungeon

TIME :2022-07-03
explorer dungeon overview

SURPRISE! MZ is planning to add another decent sized feature to the game! Here's a brief look at yet another dungeon called the Explorer Dungeon.

New Explorer Dungeon

It looks like it's not going to be anything too complex:

  • HP: Hit Points (health)
  • MP: Mana Points (mana or "energy")
  • Choose A Dungeon Ability: These look like abilities you will choose and use according the monster you are facing and how much damage you want to do. I also imagine the abilities farther to the right to do more damage and therefore cost more mana.
  • Keys: Each level of dungeon requires a key to enter it, although I'm not how these keys are obtained. As usual they will probably show up in packs. Hopefully you don't need a new key every time you want to enter the explorer dungeon of your choice, but that's probably what it will be.
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explorer dungeon overview 

The Longest Skill Tree You've Ever Seen - Explorer Dungeon

Things to note about this tree:

  • The points are only useful to your hero inside the explorer dungeon
  • You will be able to boost your hero xp
  • There's a bunch of classic critical strike, attack speed, armor, dodge bonuses that will take some testing to discover which is the most effective
  • There's elemental resistances as you get higher up the tree. These you will probably want to change depending on the monster in your dungeon.
  • Bonus move dodge coins??

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Feedback from you guys

How are people liking these new PvE features that MZ is adding? This game started out VERY PvP but it seems that MZ is starting to put in more and more PvE items for players to entertain themselves with in between kill events.