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Thor: The Dark World – Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats

imageThor’s rivalry with his adoptive brother Loki continues in Thor: The Dark World, the second entry in the Thor franchise for the iOS and Android platforms by Gameloft Inc. This game is, of course, based on the movie of the same name, and while the previous one was strictly an action/adventure game, this one combines that genre with the mobile-friendly tower defense genre. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Thor: The Dark World!

10) Let your Einherjar do most of the work.
It is tempting to try and jump as far in the stage as quickly as you can and leave your Einherjar behind. However, is it a far more effective method to get behind them and let them do most of the work. In the attack stages, all that you should be doing is jumping ahead to hit switches and destroy obstacles as needed. In the defense stages, keep the number of Einherjar maximized to the highest degree possible.

9) Upgrade your Einherjar and your ally before you upgrade your hammer and armor.
In fact, don’t even bother with upgrading your armor or your hammer until you are ready to buy a brand new one of each. Buying brand new armor and hammers is far more expensive but for the attack and defense/health upgrades that you get, they provide far more bang for the buck

8) Use your special skills as often as possible.
Your skills, including the various lightning attacks that you can use, have unlimited uses, so don’t limit your usage of them. Make sure that you get close enough that they will hit the intended targets. This is especially important if you are playing the game on a tablet rather than a phone, because the bigger screen area will cause you to be able to see more of the stage at once, which has the possibility of throwing your aim off.

7) Use your long range attack to knock out perilous switches and obstacles.
An example of this is the crystals and pillars that are blocked by fire when you are in Nidavellir. Tap using two fingers at the same time. Make sure that your intended target is right in between your two fingers. Wait for the long range attack to cool down before using it again or else any attempt to use it for a second time will end up with you running right into harm’s way.

6) When you are stuck on a stage, go back to the previous stage or stages and play them over and over to earn more runes.
You will earn almost zero runes when you lose on any stage even if you have somehow fulfilled objectives in the process. Going back to old stages and beating them will earn you far more runes especially if you play stages where you haven’t earned every possible star yet.

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