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Go! Go! CommanderVideo – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Go! Go! CommanderVideo is a new endless runner game spun off of the Bit.trip series. In this game you play as the eponymous CommanderVideo, and your goal is to run as far as you can and collect as much gold as you can. You can use that gold to unlock new upgrades, and even new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go! Go! CommanderVideo!

Mastering the jump is the main thing that will help you in this game. If you tap the screen very quickly, you’ll do a short jump that is perfect for clearing small gaps. If you hold your finger down on the screen for a little bit longer, you’ll do a longer jump. The right jump length can make or break a round.

Be sure to collect as much gold as you can too, as the more gold that you collect, the more stuff that you can buy. The cheapest goodies that you can purchase are new hats for CommanderVideo, such as the banana hat. These won’t change your performance at all, but they will change the look of your character.

For a more expensive price, you can purchase new characters as well. Like with the hats, the new characters will not impact your performance at all, they just change the look of your character. Each new character can be equipped with the same hats that CommanderVideo can be equipped with.

There is a lot of gold to collect, but don’t get too distracted by it unless you have extremely quick reflexes. Too much of a focus on jumping to collect gold can end up causing you to miss a pit or to jump incorrectly, ending your run prematurely. The farther you run, the more gold you will usually end up collecting at the end anyways.

Watch out for enemies running around later on in the levels. You won’t be able to kill them at all; you just have to jump over them. Also, play with your left thumb instead of your right thumb so that you can see more of the stage ahead of your character.