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Football Heroes Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies


Football Heroes is a hilarious combat football game for the iOS platform, as well as the Android platform. It’s a rather unique combination of football, fighting game, and role-playing game, with a nice dash of comedy thrown in for good measure. It plays just like a normal 2-D football game, except that your players get to beat up the players on the other team. As you play you earn experience points for your players, as well as coins with which to upgrade your team. Read on for some tips and tricks for Football Heroes!

Running passing plays on offense is fairly easy. After you hike the ball, drop back into the pocket and wait for one of your receivers to open up. If all of your wide receivers have a defender around them, you can still either run the ball or throw a quick pass to a different receiver who is closer to the line of scrimmage.

Defense requires a little bit more preparation. First, wait and see what the opposing quarterback is doing. If he drops back into the pocket, run back and start knocking out the receivers lining for the play. This will take away all of his good passing plays and either force him to make a bad throw or get sacked. If he hands the ball off to a runner or if he tries to run the ball himself, run forward and beat the crap out of him and his blockers.

Save up your coins so that you can buy silver players and silver card packs instead of bronze players and bronze card packs. Bronze players will be a marginal improvement at best over your current players. Otherwise, they will actually be worse than your current players, especially after your current players gain a few levels.

Leveling up your players is done by earning experience points, and earning experience points is done by either making a good play or by beating up another player. Switch players frequently during plays do that you can use them to win fights and gain experience. Try to throw to different receivers throughout the game. On offense, if you are playing against a weak team, you can even drag the play out a bit just so that you can get some extra hits in against defenders.

If you are stuck on a particular team or segment of the season, go back and play games against older, weaker teams again so that you can earn more coins and experience points, and still protect your winning record. Switch leagues if you can, too, since oftentimes that will put you up against much weaker teams.