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Romans From Mars Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Romans From Mars is a brand new tower defense game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. In this year, the Romans a lot of Mars has recruited Martians to try and take Olympia from Zeus. You play as an archer appointed by Zeus used to defend your kingdom from the rebellious war god. This game starts off very easy, but it does not take long to become extremely difficult. Read on for some tips and tricks for Romans From Mars!

Speed is the name of the game. The two most important upgrades are arguably the firing rate and the speed of your arrows. Both of these will allow you to shoot far more quickly, which is especially helpful when armored Martians begin attacking you, and when superspeed Martians start attacking.

Save your magic spells until you get into a lot of trouble and have more Martians than you can handle. The ice path spell is especially good for slowing down the Martians on vehicles, while Zeus’ lightning should be saved for when you get in real trouble and have tons of Martians on the screen.

Gold coins and crystals are the two main currencies in this game. While coins are very numerous, crystals are rare; however, you can find a surprising amount of crystals within the game itself for free. Normally you will earn them for beating a stage without taking any damage. Also, they can often be found in the bonus blocks that pop up onstage every once in a while, as can large amounts of coins.

If you are having trouble beating a stage, just play the stage over and over and over so that you can earn large amounts of coins. Use the coins that you earn on the stage to purchase more power ups. Keep buying more and more power ups until your shots are fast enough, big enough, and strong enough you can win. Don’t forget to upgrade your wall health as well.

Spending your crystals on permanent power ups that increase the amount of coins that you get from each bonus box is a smart idea. Getting the shield from a bonus box will make you invincible for a while as well, making this another good power up to buy, because upgrading this will increase the duration of your invincibility.