MOP Dungeon Guide: Scholomance

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : Instructor Chillheart
  • Page 3 : Jandice Barov
  • Page 4 : Rattlegore
  • Page 5 : Lilian Voss
  • Page 6 : Darkmaster Gandling
  • Page 7 : Achievements and Awards

Those interested in the powers of the dead are sure to know of Scholomance, the school of necromancy located under the keep of Caer Darrow. The staff who wander the crypts have changed but Darkmaster Gandling remains at the head.

The undead roam the passages and the instructors must also be nearby. By clearing a path through the different stages you will have the opportunity to face the master of the house: the Darkmaster.

• Instructor Chillheart: Coming straight from Northrend, she is in charge of aspiring students and can prove herself to be quite severe. She commands the cold magic and seems to know the secrets of the library.

• Jandice Barov She has been on the scene for a long time already, but her active involvement with the students is only recent. Her role is to train the magi and her knowledge of illusions makes her a formidable opponent, if you ever dare to challenge her.

Rattlegore: He had apparently been defeated in Andorhal, but Gandling immediately took the opportunity to revive the beast to use as his watchdog. Be careful, he was trained to be ferocious.

Lilian Voss: This undead strangled her own father, the high priest of the Scarlet Crusade, as punishment for his treachery. Vengeance has led her to Scholomance where Darkmaster Gandling welcomed her and shared his knowledge. Although she originally came to unleash her anger on the school, she is now the protector of the Darkmaster.

Darkmaster Gandling: His recent defeat in Andorhal has not put him in the best of moods. Students of the school have only one choice, to impress him. Otherwise they risk being assigned to lab work, or worse, ending up as guinea pigs...