Assassination Rogue Guide - 5.2

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : Races-Professions-Stats
  • Page 3 : Talents-Glyphs
  • Page 4 : Rotation-Macros
  • Page 5 : Gems-Enchants-Reforge
  • Page 6 : Addons-Extras


Did you know that Rogue is currently the least played class in World of Warcraft?

Here is an A to Z on how to appreciate the full and complex gameplay of this class, but before we go into that let's back up a little. Rogue is a class that has always been very popular in the PvE of World of Warcraft. In MOP we discover that little has been changed for rogues, explaining why this class has become the least played. Nevertheless, it is still a very good and powerful choice, this despite the slight loss of progression in comparison to other classes. The Assassination specialization has a very mixed gameplay between burst and linear. This specialization will make you a great single target DPS. However for multiple targets this specialization does not prove to be very useful unless you have at least 7 targets.

5.2: The Assassination Rogue comes with a big up for this update 5.2, it may be the return of the rogue!

Current Rank

This is an approximate ranking of the performance of each Class / Specialization

It should be noted nevertheless that in raids, ranking varies completely depending on the boss and equipment. This means that you can be the first in your raid even if there is an Arcane Mage, which is at the top of the list here. The rating is an average based on very high level equipment.