MOP Dungeon Guide: Shado-Pan Monastery

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : Gu Cloudstrike
  • Page 3 : Master Snowdrift
  • Page 4 : Sha of Violence
  • Page 5 : Taran Zhu
  • Page 6 : Achievements and Awards

Here you will face Pandaren corrupted by the Sha of Violence. War rages in Pandaria, and the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance has spread to the Shado-Pan Monastery. The Sha of Violence, the Sha of Hatred and the Sha of Anger have escaped from their prisons and the Sha of Violence has remained in the monastery to cause trouble. As it is rather sly, it has taken many Pandaren under its control. You will have to save them in the hope of progressing through the dungeon.


That said, you will have to pass through several stages and pass Dojos and Terraces in which you will face four bosses::

• Gu Cloudstrike was the trainer of the Shado-Pan wizards before the Sha of Violence escaped his prison. This once rather gentil and reserved Pandaren, has this time taken control of the mystical Azure Serpent and is wreaking havoc. The fight against him is carried out in several phases, one where you battle his snake, one where attacks have no effect on him and one where it will be necessary to kill his snake before you can take him.

• Master Snowdrift is an unrivaled warrior who has reached perfection by training his body and mind. If he was not under the control of the Sha, he would only have confidence in those who are able to defeat him. However, you must start by taking care of his students before you can hope to attack him. Once again the fight against this boss takes place in several phases during which he alternates between different types of attack.

• The Sha of Violence has been released and lurks within the monastery. It draws its power from the brutal war between the Horde and the Alliance, and will not hesitate to decimate the monks in its way who are trying to return it from whence it came.

• Taran Zhu is the chief of Shado-Pan, and the Sha of Hatred has corrupted him. Although his life was once dedicated to the protection of the monastery, a consuming hatred now exudes from him and his perception of others has been twisted. Careful, if the fight against him lasts too long you will need to meditate even more to have a hope of getting him.