MOP Dungeon Guide: Gate of the Setting Sun

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : Saboteur Kip'tilak
  • Page 3 : Striker Ga'dok
  • Page 4 : Commander Ri'mok
  • Page 5 : Raigonn
  • Page 6 : Achievements and Awards

This dungeon is on the Serpent's Spine, that is to say, the wall separating the Mantid regions from everything else. Once again you will have to face one of their invasive attacks on Pandaria.

You will encounter four bosses in this dungeon, each with their own skills:

• Saboteur Kip'tilak: He loves fire, especially the bombs he sends across the room, as well as trails of fire.

• Striker Ga'dok: You must take care with him as he will try to impale players and spits fire everywhere.

Commander Ri'mok: He will drop poison puddles everywhere on the ground and will be assisted by different kinds of soldiers who will give you a hard time.

Raigonn: This hideous insectoid creature has an extremely hard shell and you will need to use catapults to reach his weak points. Be careful though because once it has beeen destroyed, he will focus on a player who will become a kind of lure and the others must take the opportunity to get rid of the monster.