MOP Dungeon Guide: Mogushan Palace

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : The King's Court
  • Page 3 : Gekkan
  • Page 4 : Xin the Weaponmaster
  • Page 5 : Achievements and Awards

Although the Palace was supposed to become the first raid in Mists of Pandaria, there is actually nothing there and it was the Mogu'shan Vaults that have taken this role, the palace itself is a dungeon for 5 players.

Mogus, Quilens and Sauroks roam this area in addition to no fewer than three bosses:

• The King's Court is a test that will put you up against representatives from the Mogu clan wishing to win the favour of their king. Haiyan, Kuai and Ming, the warlords, challenge you to a duel and a brawl will begin once you have finished with them. Do not hesitate to leave quietly and let the Mogus fight each other.

 Gekkan is the second boss in the dungeon. He is a Saurok who can be found in the basement and is accompanied by three of his follwers.

Xin the Weaponmaster is the third and final boss you will find in the area. The Mogu lord will face you after you have seen to several waves of the mob. This battle is quite difficult because Xin has an array of weapons and you must watch out for everything he sends your way. Your reflexes will be tested during this, so act fast!