BO - TvT - The Reaper Expo

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One of the more standard openings that was put in place during the beta when the Reaperswere widely used (using the 5 rax Reaper was common against Z). This build order is still effective against Terran but less used. A build order that you can use on quite big maps like Condemned Ridge or Entombed Valley by using your Reaper, or maps like Cloud Kingdom by opening with a Proxy Marauder if you want to be aggressive or a Reaper to play standard.


Your opening with this build order will allow you to have enough gas to tech quickly and put you in a good economic position.

Build Order

Reaper Expo
Supply Depot
Orbital Command
Supply Depot
Tech Lab

** the numbers 10/12/15... refer to your population in the game **

Don't stop production of your SCVs while you establish your strategy.

Information collection with your Reaper // If it is impossible to take the Xel'Nagas to increase your control of the map
            ** For the follow ups to this build order read the choices below

Note that you have some choices once you have produced your first Reaper:

• Get your second gas to start a strategy aimed at the most evolved technology, like the Banshees Cloak or the Hellions.
• Get your second base (20 population) by researching the Stimpack in your Tech Lab and by adding two additional Barracks (23 population) to bioball.
• Start the construction of your Factory while keeping your first gas and starting on the Hellions after gathering information with your Reaper. By staying on one gas you can allow yourself a new base!