BO - TvP - 3 Rax before Orbital

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The 3-Rax before Orbital is a good way to surprise your opponent with a Build-Order is based on psyching out your opponent. This strategy will allow you to change your pace during your matches in Starcraft II. Based on the starter 1-Rax-Expo, the 3-Rax before Orbital will surprise more than one player!

As its name suggests, the aim is to produce 3-Rax (Barracks) before your Orbital Command and to time your attack so that it will allow you to spoil your Protoss opponent's various openings. Timing, psychology and accuracy will have to be put into your placements. Enjoy!


An opening that will surprise many. With a 1-Rax-Expo base, you create three additional Barracks to make a timed push using your Marines at 5 minutes 30. A Build Order that is especially effective on maps with two starting positions, like "Cloud Kingdom” or “Daybreak", but which can be used on maps like “Antiga” to surprise an opponent playing in an uninhibited style. The 3-Rax before Orbital is a simple opening that allows, whether it fails or not, you to take a second base and to start on a macro game. An aggressive build that allows a linear progression in your game depending on your choices.

Build Order

3 Rax before Orbital
Supply Depot
Supply Depot
Barracks (X2)
Orbital Command
Supply Depot
Produce Marines by 3. At 5.30 minutes, attack with 2 Marines/10 SCV

** the numbers 10/12/14... refer to your population in the game **

Note that you have some follow-up possibilities:

• Taking a second base (400 minerals) by taking both your Gas to go to Tank and defend yourself against various attacks from your opponent.
• Continue with an all in based on the damage of your first attack. To this add 2 additional Barracks and take most of your SCVs.