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A very aggressive Build Order which will allow you to counter strategies that are macro oriented. The Proxy Marauder will allow you to surprise and attack using the Concussive Shells as much as possible. Like any aggressive strategy, your economy will obviously not be optimal, but your goal is to damage your opponent's economy to take the lead in the game. It is important to note that this strategy doesn't work on all the maps, like Condemned Ridge or Entombed Valley which are too big and so aren't suitable. Choose maps with two starting positions.


We will give you an overview of how to implement this Build Order. The advantages, disadvantages and the defenses that could cause you problems!


Proxy Marauder vs Terran
Supply Depot
Orbital Command
Tech Lab
Supply Depot
Wait until you have three Marauders before attacking and doing a hit and run

** the numbers 10/11/12... refer to your population in the game **


Hit and Run, and it is very important to wait for your 3 Marauders before you attack. You must not reveal your strategy. 

It is important to proxy your Barracks so that you don't reveal your strategy. To have the right timing it is important to send your SCVs to build your Barracks near your opponent's base. For example on the map “Cloud Kingdom” you will have to send your SCVs once you have a population of 10.