BO - PvT - 4 Gates Blink Obs All-in

Summary :

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The 4 Gates Blink Obs All-in is a build that will do damage! Based on the mobility of your Stalkers who will have Blink. They will get this before the Terran's Stimpack is finished so you can drive the enemy Marines and Marauders crazy by moving quickly with your army in the enemy B1 or B2.

This Build Order should be used against opponents who you already know in advance will start with a 1 Rax Expo. This allows you to get your Twilight Council and your Robotics Bay in peace. This is a bold start because you will only have one Stalker in early game until you can get your Stalkers out from your 4 Gates for your attack. This opening makes you very vulnerable against an opponent who starts with a 2 Rax pressure, for example, so you have to stay vigilant during the enemy's opening to know whether you can afford to choose this kind of Build Order or not.

Similarly, this strategy is also effective against Terran Factory openings because they will not have a lot of units to counter your 4 Gates.


4 Gates Blink Stalker
Assimilator x2
Pylon   Construction of your Cybernetics Core + Stalker + Research Warpgate   At 150 Minerais and 100 Gas
Construction of your Twilight Council   Robotics Bay Research Blink   At 450 Minerals
Add 3 additional Gateways Production of an Observer


Chrono boost your Probes three times and place your Twilight Council in a way so that your opponent can't scout it!
• Avoid giving any information that you are not taking your B2 to your opponent!! (Building your Twilight Council in Proxy is also a good idea so that you are sure you are not giving any information).
• Start to build your Pylons near your opponent's base as soon as your Observer is ready.