BO HotS - TvZ - Reaper-Mines Expo

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The arrival of Heart Of The Swarm will offer a new dynamic to the Terran game style, which you will discover in this guide. New units like the Mines or the Battle Hellion that will let you aggress your opponent in a new way. Aggressing the Probes, killing the Drones, slowing down the economy of your opponent will be possible with these different units. How do you play well with Terrans in HOTS? Discover the race, the new units and the possibilities available to you when playing this noble race! Something dynamic, that's surely what Blizzard was looking for with this new opus. The Beta has been available for a little while and the game came out on the 12 Mars 2013. So are you ready?

The Units

Two new units and an additional option for an existing unit. The Thor has had some extensive modifications.

• Battle Hellion

A new improvement has been added for the Hellions that lets you trasform the Hellions this way:

This lets you keep some mobility thanks to the Hellions that are still very mobile, like on Wings Of Liberty. This allows you to remain aggressive. However this improvement will let you use your Hellions during confrontations. An undeniable change on HOTS that lets you have a unit that supports your Tanks or your Thors during a mech. You should know that to transform your Hellions into Battle Hellion you will need to build a Armory. You should also know that your Battle Hellions can be "healed" by your Medivac during a drop. This can be a very interesting avantage if you start off aggressively!

This change allows for new compositions based on a mechanic style. In any case, it is an enjoyable improvement!

• Widow Mines 

A little return to Brood War... An enjoyable unit, we immediately imagine the crazy Pushes we will be able to do, the defences and the base captures on controls thanks to the Mines. In short, plenty of fun to be had with a unit that offers a lot of possibilities. So there is some potential for the Mines which make their return to HotS !

Have fun, several Build Orders are possible with these new units. We will take a look at a few more after this quick presentation.

• Reaper

The Reaper has been boosted in terms of its movespeed but the Reaper has taken a nerf when it comes to its damage! Therefore its role has changed on HOTS, the unit is more for scouting (taking information)

Build Order

Supply Depot
Orbit Command
Reaper (x2)
Refinery (x2) 100 At 100 gas, build your Factory
Supply Depot 50 Reactor on the Barracks.
Change between the Barracks and the Factory
Production of Mines x2 then some Hellions. 400

Capture of your B2: Build a Command Center


• After taking information with your VCS, your Reapers will be used to confirm your information and why not (if you're up for it) snipe a few Drones. It is very important that you don't lose your two Reapers because they will let you slow down your opponent until your Mines get there.
• Your Mines should be positioned this way: The first in front of the B2 Zerg and the second in its B3 to avoid a fast B3.
• If your opponent has managed to get out, see to your Hellions and continue to slow down your opponent by slowing his B3 capture as much as possible. In turn use the occasion to take your own!

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