BO HotS - PvT - Nexus First

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The base capture is very important in Starcraft II, so it can be good to opt for a strategy based on a very fast base capture. In PvT, this is still possible because we already have a base style that works for the expand build, particularly with the 1 Gate Expo. Also with this style of Nexus First, we are closer to the style of CC 14/15 designed by the Terran.

Quite a "greedy" game style, it is best to play the Nexus First on maps where you can see what's coming. Reasonably big maps that will prevent you from being rushed too easily so you can defend your base. Also, this strategy doesn't let you take a lot of information, so you will be required to boost your game analysis abilities so that you can know what the Terran will do with the little information you have. This Build Order is not very recommended for players starting the game.

Buil Order

Nexus First


• Construct your Pylone in your base, the construction of a wall in PvT is not necessary, unlike in PvZ!
• The difference between a Nexus First PvT start and a standard start is the fact that you construct your Nexus first. The rest of the Build Order remains classic (Gateway, Gas).
• The other difference with a "standard" start: You must cut the production of your Probes to 16 during the construction of your Gateway.