BO - PvT - The 3 Gates Robo or 3G Robo

Summary :

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The 3 Gates Robo is a very aggressive build build that will allow you to put a lot of pressure on your Terran opponent. This strategy is not at all an all-in opening and you will be able to take your second base as well as continuing to develop economically. This push can be used against most Terran strategies and will allow you to squeeze your opponent in all situations. The Robotics Bay will allow you, at first, to put out Immortals then an Observer which will be a good counter to a Banshee Cloak opening. Similarly the Immortals will give you the firepower needed to get past most Terran defences.

As I said, this Build Order can be used against all strategies. The point of this strategy is to hide your Robotics Bay so that you can get your Immortals to your enemy's base faster. Similarly, being able to hide your strategy will be very important during this Build Order.

Build Order

3 Gates Robo
Assimilator (2)
Pylon (Proxy Terran) Construction of your Cybernetics Core + Stalker + Research Warpgate 200
100 Construction of your Robotics Bay near your opponent's base thanks to your third Pylon When your Stalker has finished, bring out two Sentries 300 Construction of two other Gateways When your Robotics Bay is finished, bring out two Immortals using your Chrono Boost

'Classic' composition: 5 Sentries, 2 Immortals, 1 Stalker, 3 Zealots


• Your timing will change depending on your scouting. If your opponent has taken a gas then you can attack faster with your Stalkers!
• Also depending on your scouting: adapt your composition (enemy gas or not)