Plants vs. Zombies 2: How to Survive in Level 5 in Big Wave Beach

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

A new world has recently been added to the free-to-play tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies 2. Some of you might still be familiar with our tips and tricks series for the last new world called The Dark Ages (yes, we consider two videos a series). We specifically guided you through some of the more difficult levels of the new world. Upon playing through the Big Wave Beach, we realized that there were again some stages worth helping with. 

In level 5 of the beachy world, you will experience a conveyor belt type game mode. If you’re not familiar with them, let us quickly explain. In this type of level, you can not choose your own choice of plants. There is also no need for collecting sun in order to sow your plants. Instead, a conveyor belt randomly provides a selected choice of plants which you can sow as soon as they pop up. In level 5 of the Big Wave Beach, you will be provided with Wall-nuts, Peashooters, and the all-new Tangle Kelps. You will face regular zombies, Coneheads,  Bucketheads, and Imp Mermaid Zombies. 

The new stages in the tropical world are all characterized by their high and low tides. Each time the tide is setting in, all plants that are neither situated on the dry part of the beach nor on Lily Pads will be drowned. As we mentioned above, there are no Lily Pads in this specific level. So, how can you withstand the approaching hordes of zombies instead?

This is what your stage should ideally look like!

With the right tactics, level 5 is quite manageable. Situate all Peashooters on the first two rows from the left of the stage. Protect them with a Wall-nut on the third row. These rows are all on the safe part of the beach in case of high tides. Let your Peashooters take care of pretty much all of the approaching walking dead except for the Bucketheads. Save your nifty Tangle Kelps for the zombies wearing buckets on their head, as they are much more resilient than the other ones featured in this level. Tangle Kelps can be placed in the water - and only in the water, as they are aquatic plants. They pull down the first zombie that nears them underwater. After they’ve eliminated one of your opponents, the Tangle Kelps stay under water themselves. This plant can therefore only be used once. Since the conveyor belt isn’t stingy when it comes to providing this specimen, you can pretty much eliminate all of the Buckethead zombies with one attack each. 
The level gets a little more problematic once the tide goes back. Save as many of your green leaf buffs as possible for this moment. Give them to your peashooters to eliminate as many brainless monsters as possible. 

Saving your Tangle Kelps for Bucketheads and a few Conehead Zombies here and there and relying on your green leaves for low tides will allow you to easily succeed in this level of Plants vs. Zombies 2.