Cheating The Nerf Perfectly (Photo Proof Added)


Surely many of you remember the nerf from awhile back. It was the only time MZ ever decided to nerf the game. We wrote an article explaining how the nerf works and we wrote an article explaining how to beat the nerf. Recently, we confirmed our previous theory on how to beat the nerf was correct, and today we have screenshots to prove it.

This article is outdated and incorrect. A new article on how to beat the nerf is currently being written!

Incredibly Effective 35 Mil Account by Maz

"A little bit about me, I started my first account about one year ago, grew it over 1 billion and kind of got bored. I only spent $45 on the first account before giving it to my friend. Three weeks ago I decided to try to make a trap account just for the fun of it, I have $25 in this account so far and it is been a lot of fun.

My hero is only level 48 and has all level 5-6 gems. Half of my gear is legendary (lvl 6 orange), and the weapon I used was the sword of Sorcery (kvk reward weapon) on all attacks.

Right before the hits land I change from anti scout to attack or defense bonus. My goal by next KE is lvl 50 hero with all legendary gear and all lvl 6 gems. The last pictures are of the full rally on me, I was also soloed with full t4 and full cores by TheMachine.

I started with about 4.75m mixed T1 and 4.74m mixed T2, with a focus on Ranged to kill infantry."

Note: He used below 5mil T1 and T2 so the nerf wouldn't effect him.

Battle Reports From T4 Solo Marches

Maz absolutely crushes these guys.

image1 image2 image15 image16 image5 image4 

Tougher Solo Hits

image3 image6  image8 image7 image9 image10 image11 image13 image12 image14

Rally Hits

image17 image18 image19

Kill Event Points

"Last but not least my points for the KE, and we are a top 3 alliance."

image1 (1)


From all this information you guys can clearly see what a successful trap account looks like, even down to the breakdown of troops. Keep in mind that although some of the reports above show Maz losing more troops, he earned tremendously more event points from all the t4 kills he got. Don't forget your meat shields attackers!

Does anyone use over 5mil t1 and t2? There is lots of conflict over whether more than 5mil of each is ok. No one wants to test it and get their troops wiped out. ha

Maz Answers Questions

Hello all, I will try to answer the questions:

#1 No hospitals, I will never build a single hospital; I never did on my old large account either. Troops are too easy to rebuild when you have 11 Barracks and 10 villas. The amount of troops a SH 14 could heal with full hospitals would still be minimal. Then rebuilding would be a nightmare without the barracks and villas.
I have already rebuilt 75% of my troops and made 100k gold doing so. You need to rebuild to make gold, and earn chest to improve your gear.

#2 I took the rally just to see the damage, no regrets was a learning experience and will do it again in the near future and I will still lose but do much better. IMO it was far more fun than throwing up a skirt releasing the trapped hero’s like a chicken.
Being SH 14 and having multiple SH 21 hero’s is not only funny but very fun! Consider I also took a hit at the Wonder from a guy with full cores, most would have shielded, I wanted to see what would happen, the attacker said he will never solo a trap SH14 trap again.

#3 I am not bragging about money spent just trying to help educate people that the game can be played smart and still be able to grow giant without throwing cash at MZ over and over. MZ has set up events in a way you can break even or even prosper is you are patient.

#4 This approach I have used IMO makes for a more interesting game, instead of mindless farming of small player, now people should pay a little attention

Proof of the Nerf Taking Effect at 5 Mil Troops

The defender is SH 14 and hasn't unlocked t3 troops yet.

Image 1: The defender has over 5 mil T2 (40k hospitalized, 138k killed)

Image 2: The defender has under 5 mil T2 (33k killed)

Nerf Proof 1 Nerf Proof 2

Contributed by Maz