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MZ Makes Changes Players Have Asked For

It's easy to rage, but it's hard to praise.

I wanted to take a moment and point out some things that MZ has done recently in response to player feedback. The primary reason I'm bringing these things to light because Real Tips has become a GREAT community for players to discuss their latest interests and concerns with the game, and it's important that we celebrate our wins. In this case our wins are changes being made to the game because we voiced our opinions constructively.

Without further ado...

Cheaper Pack Prices

I can't even count how many times players have asked for cheaper packs in the last 6 months, but it's been a lot. They are finally here. Take a look at the new 50% off packs that have the same amount of items as some of the $100 packs! They will most likely be different for everyone, but here are some that have shown up for us:

In my opinion these packs should appease both crowds of players: non-spenders and spenders. Non-spenders will have a chance to grow and take direction with their accounts, while spenders will have more squishy targets to hit ;P

Newer players should read this article if they haven't already: 5 Useful Tips for Kvk Events

Coliseums Are Back!

Praise the Lord! MZ has opened two Coliseums, one each month for the last two months, and they have been madness. Granted the events don't cater well to smaller players because the requirements are hard to accomplish, the Coliseum is still a great bit of fun for spenders to see how big of accounts they can solo without losing their hero.

My recommendations if you do want to participate in the coliseum are:

  • Go in with  small team and try to catch a medium size players with their hero on a rally march.
  • Try to catch players on a tile farming.
  • Go in and test your new gear on people to see if you can burn them!
  • Hit as many MONSTERS as you can because the drop rates are much better than normal and farming the monster (old and new monsters will be there) tiles can be very profitable.

Although it may seem obvious not to farm in the coliseum, the drop rates from tiles are often much better because of the risk involved. Definitely do NOT take your eyes of your tile if you are farming.

Increased Inventory Slots

Inventory slots have doubled which helps players hold all their new gear sets..

Other Changes

If you guys want to voice your thoughts on other feature additions or fixes you want to see, check out this post from the Emperor of GOW. There is definitely some more Machine Zone can do, but things are looking up.



p.s. Look out for some rad new additions to Real Tips early next week 😉