World of Tanks Guide - T1 Heavy

TIME :2022-07-03
  • T1 Heavy - American Tier V Heavy Tank

Tank Presentation

The T1 Heavy is the first heavy tank of the American branch. This tank was developed in early 1940. Serving as a prototype for the construction of other tanks, such as the famous M6, the T1 Heavy was never mass-produced. Unlike the Soviet KV1, the T1 Heavy is not very popular with players, many considering it too weak for its Tier. However, because it has some very good upgrades available and can reach a good speed for a heavy, the T1 Heavy can become a decent vehicle in the right hands.


ID Card (without upgrade)

T1 Heavy
American Tier V Heavy Tank Cost of research
Cost of purchase 14 055 
435 000 Credits Hit Points 600 Weight Limit 57.88 T Engine Power 700 hph. Speed Limit
Traverse Speed 35.4 Km/h
Hull armour in mm*
Turret armour* 83 / 44 / 41
102 / 83 / 83
Penetration in mm 86-138
Rate of Fire
Turret Traverse 13.95 shots/min
View Range 320 Signal Range 395

Aspects of the Gameplay

This tank is a little different from other heavy tanks in its Tier, like the Churchill or the KV1. Your mobility is especially nice for a heavy, but your size and weak armour make you an vulnerable opponent to enemy shells. This makes it necessary, at all costs, to face your enemies and never expose your weaker sides. In Top Tier, you will be a monster able to pick a fight with just about everyone, however, if you are facing higher tier tanks, settle for a supporting role and avoid the first line.

In terms of your damage, your second gun is quite effective and can penetrate most armour in your Tier (although for the KV1 you might have to go at it a bit). For this reason you should try to get rid of your first gun as soon as possible.

Your size is a handicap, but can also be a good asset to cover your allies. If you are top tier, by placing you at the front of a fairly narrow corridor, you can block the passage of a lot of adventurous opponents.

*Front, Sides, Rear

Strong Points/Weak Points

Strong Points
Very good firing rate and shell penetration. Good speed for a heavy. Good turret rotation speed. A very good front line tank in Top Tier.


Weak Points
Your sides and your armour slanted and a shell can easily go through it. You are not very svelte, and your imposing size will make you an easy target, especially for the artillery.


Pimp my Ride: What equipment to choose?

Buying Order

No equipment can be recovered from the M3Lee. You will have to start from scratch. Your tank is already at its maximum load capacity. It is therefore essential to buy the new HVSS T35 Tracks first. After that, I think it is essential to invest in the turret and the 76 mm Gun M1A1, which is much more effective than the first. The radio and the Wright G200 M781C9GC1 can also be used on the M6. Buy them first before moving on to the next tier.



• HVSS T35 / Essential for equipping any other part of the tank. Not too costly, you will be able to purchase them after only a few games.


• T1D6 / This will only gain you another 10m sight but is essential for equipping the second gun. Invest in the equipment second.


• 76 mm Gun M1A1 / It's simple: this gun is better than the first in every way. A higher firing rate, more damage, increased penetration, reduced dispersion. This is the first purchase that will make a noticeable difference in the game.


• SCR 538 / This radio has a range of 480m. It is also available on the following tank: the M6. Efficient and not very costly, it will soon pay for itself.


• Wright G200 M781C9GC1 / This engine is extremely expensive but very interesting. With 960Hp (instead of 700 for the 1st), you can make the most of the biggest advantage of the T1 Heavy: your speed. Note that it is also available on the M6.