Map Strategy: Serene Coast - World of Tanks Guru

*This map strategy needs updating and was made prior to Serene Coast’s many reworks* With the new update came with it a new map called “Serene Coast” which at first glance looks like a map with little to no cover for the majority of the map. But once you start to play the map some more you’ll find that there are a lot of places to avoid SPG and long range fire. Serene Coast has a few key areas that depending on your tank you will want to keep in mind. E9 Island This island is a popular spot for long-range tanks and also SPG’s who start at the northern base. It provides decent cover for those over there and also a good angle on a lot of the spots along the water for any tanks running up from the southern base on the 5/6 line. B4/B5 Ridge/Hill For the northern spawn(or advancing southern players) this hill/ridge area provides an elevated position and also some cover that can fire on the northern base and also cover the majority of the map since it is much higher than the south/east area around it. E1 Ridge This is a great spot for the southern base to work towards as it gives a great vantage point of the B4/5 ridge area and is higher than the surrounding land. Only downside is no “hard’ SPG cover besides hiding behind the lip to become un-spotted. D2/3 Valley This road is protected from SPG fire from the northern base and from the B4/5 Ridge making it great for the slower heavy tanks moving up from the south to use it as cover.  Northern forces beware entering if the opposing team has tanks on the E1 Ridge since they can fire down upon you and also the southern SPG’s have a clear shot at you. Mid Railroad Tracks These railroad tracks run the entire length of the map and “break” the map up by having it slightly elevated.  The western part of the map is more elevated and can spot/shoot over the tracks to anyone on the east side of the map while all land east of the railroad is much less elevated and at a disadvantage. Mid “Rock Field” I don’t have a better name for this area of the map.. But from the D4/5 area down to F4/5 around the railroad tracks are large boulders/rocks that provide cover for advancing tanks. Tanks that start in the South have a shorter route to this area and can use the boulders as cover to advance to the town rather safely via E5.  Boulders mainly provide cover from fire north/side but leave both flanks wide open to any fire either from the E1/B4 area or the E9 island. Town (D6)

The town I find actually does not provide any great spots to warrant a huge force in it.  Northern forces will pile into it and be cut off from the much more important western part of the map while having no clear shot at tanks advancing through the rock/boulder field.  Southern forces can enter the town however are flanked easily from the E9 island and also the B4/5 area while being unable to advance any further.  While this is an important part of the map it is not as “safe” as other towns on other maps.Below is a video made by QuickyBaby from the EU server highlighting Serene Coast’s features