Tank Guide: T95 - World of Tanks Guru

T95 Tank Guide The T95 is a widely feared tank due to its very sturdy armor, unique look, huge gun, and somewhat strong side armor.  It is essentially a slow moving fortress to many players and they shoot helplessly and continue to bounce.  However, any experience player will know the weak spots which are below the gun/gun mantlet on the front and also the two large hatches on top.  These spots effectively make your armor useless if you do not take certain measures, which this guide will help with. Pros: Armor(305 frontal, 152 side, 52 rear) Gun(750 damage, 3.28 RPM) Cons: Speed(13 Km/h Max, 9-10 average) Large artillery target No turret Low view range(380) To play the T95 you need to be both aggressive, cautious, and forward thinking at all times.  Due to your low speed you need to figure out where you need to be before the start timer ends before the match since it will take 1-2 minutes at minimal to get there. While doing this you need to keep in mind being flanked, but also not sit back as you are useless that way and eventually it will lead to you being overwhelmed.  Do not be afraid of going through fields or open area as at times it is the best choice since with a lot of space around you it gives you plenty of time to react and prevent being flanked. On the other hand sticking near cover/buildings etc. allows your enemies to flank and pin you easier. Artillery will be looking for you. So if you are spotted try not to stay exposed or still for to long.  Move spots and do not keep popping out of the same spot. As you learn maps you’ll find that artillery while a danger to the slow T95 winds up being the least of your concerns as tanks flanking you will kill you more often. The weak spots of the T95 which are below the gun mantlet and also the two hatches on top are known by any decent player.  If you have someone aiming for these spots(usually the hatches) use it to your advantage and “wiggle”. See “The Wiggle” if you do not know what “wiggling” is.  By moving left/right you’ll make them miss these small spots often as unless they are right in front of you they are not easy to hit.  This will force them to either retreat, miss and die, or force to continue to track you. While being tracked sucks in a T95 it is much better than taking a ton of damage due to the hatches. In the end you are a rolling death machine with a huge alpha gun(750 damage).  Lead charges, hold flanks, and do whatever you feel is best in the match. But always keep in mind of your flanks as once you are flanked unless you have good teammates you will die. Overall I give the T95 a 4/5.