Weak Spot Guide: E-75 - World of Tanks Guru

The E-75 is arguably one of the most well armored tanks currently in the game and in most cases tougher to deal with the tank following it the E-100.  The E-75’s frontal armor not only is good for it’s frontal glacis and frontal turret but also for the “main” weak spots for most German tanks the lower frontal glacis.  It’s listed armor is 160/120/120 for the hull and 252/160/160 for the turret.  The overall above average armor thickness around the entire tank gives it very good protection unless if you catch one from behind or from it’s side while not angling it’s armor.  This tank is the angling king and an experience driver can deflect shots consistently from tier 10 tanks. 

The armor values are listed as Effective Armor(EA) which is the armor of the tank without any normalization.

Frontal View


Frontally the E-75 is a tough nut to crack for t8 tanks since the main weak spot is the lower frontal glacis (LFG) that requires a strong gun to go through facing head on. The upper frontal glacis (UFG) is difficult for even tier 10 tanks to punch through reliably without gold rounds…only tier 10 tank destroyers will go through on a reliable basis.  The frontal turret (FTA) being 252mm thick not counting the thicker armor around the gun is also a difficult place to penetrate and the turret sides (STA) visible from the from are immune to all shots due to the sharp angle they are at.

Upper Frontal Glacis(UFG)

 160mm/60°= 320mm Effective Armor

Lower Frontal Glacis(LFG)

130mm/60°= 260mm Effective Armor

Mud Flaps(Blue Boxes)

The once popular weak spot of the E-75 was fixed a few patches ago and no longer is in the hit box. Track damage is done towards the bottom of this area but not longer will you be able to cut through here like butter.

Area One(A1)

The commander’s hatch on the E-75 is stronger than most other tanks.  It’s armor around the base(under the view ports) has roughly 190mm of effective armor and is the only place HP damage will be done. If the view ports on top of the hatch are shot only critical damage to the sights and/or commander are calculated.  For tanks like the KV-5 facing a E-75 occasionally this means there is no frontal weak spot available since the hatch is immune to AP shells and the LFG is also immune.

Area Two(A2)

While no HP will be done the driver view ports here will cause damage to the driver.

Area Three(A3)

These two indents in the frontal turret armor of the E-75 do not have the 252mm plate over them and thus are much weaker to penetrate.  Due to their size they are difficult to hit and only can be used in close quarters. The armor here is roughly 180mm effective armor providing a slim glimmer of hope to tanks with low penetrating guns stuck in front of an E-75.

Area Four(A4)

As a last resort shooting the E-75’s gun runs the chance of damaging it or knocking it out. HP damage is no reliable and requires a gun with a decent amount of penetration and isn’t guaranteed.

Angled View


 Once the E-75 starts to angle it becomes insanely armored even against the highest penetrating guns in the game.  The armor values provides here account for a 25°, 35°, and 45° angle for the frontal armor and the side armor in the same sequence is at a 65°, 55°, and 45° angle. Therefore when at a 25° angle for the frontal armor the side armor is at a 65° angle, 35°->55°, and 45°->45°.

Upper Frontal Glacis(UFG)

25° Angle = 353mm Effective Armor

35° Angle = 391mm Effective Armor 

45° Angle = 453mm Effective Armor

Lower Frontal Glacis(LFG)

25° Angle = 287mm Effective Armor

35° Angle = 317mm Effective Armor

45° Angle = 368mm Effective Armor

Upper Side Hull(USH)

65° Angle = 288mm Effective Armor

55° Angle = 212mm Effective Armor

45° Angle = 172mm Effective Armor

Lower Side Hull(LSH)

This area is roughly the same as the Upper Side Hull above the tracks but due to it being at a 0° angle(compared to 10°) with track armor over it it will be harder to penetrate.

Frontal Turret Armor

Being 252mm thick avoid shooting here.

Side Turret Armor

The side turret armor is 160mm thick and at roughly a 15° making it easy for guns with 180mm+ average penetration going through ONLY if it is as flat as possible. Once a horizontal angle is added the armor becomes much more difficult to deal with due to it’s thickness.

Area One

The trusty commander’s hatch is the main weak spot from this angle and only lower penetrating guns will be left struggling(sub 190mm pen guns)

Area Two

The small indent before is still visible from this view but is still very hard to hit. Only shoot here if you are sure you can hit it and have a good amount of penetration.

Side View


Finally some green!  The E-75’s impressive frontal armor is now a thing of the past aside from the two frontal plates and the frontal turret armor (FTA) that can be hit if you aim right at the edge of the front of the tank (but are easily avoided).  Overall any tank facing the E-75 regularly aside from scouts can go through the side armor easily from this angle. The Side Turret Armor (STA) being 160mm thick with slight angles can be difficult for those guns on the lower end of the penetration scale but the hull is large enough that it shouldnt be to much of an issue. The Upper Side Hull (USH) and Lower Side Hull (LSH) are relatively flat and only provide 120mm of protection for the E-75.  The commander’s hatch(A1) is still visible and a good spot to use if the E-75 is behind cover.

Rear View


To most the E-75’s rear section will be a piece of cake since like it’s side armor the Rear Hull Armor (RHA) is only 120mm thick and at a slight angle of 20°.  Avoid shooting the Rear Turret Armor (RTA) since it is still 160mm thick and isn’t really worth the risk since there is that gigantic door (A2) on the rear of the turret that is easily damaged even by tier 5 scouts. And to keep things consistent the commanders hatch (A1) is there if you need it!