World of Tanks Guide - KV1

  • KV1 – Soviet Tier V Heavy Tank

Tank Presentation

The KV1 is, with contest, one of the most played tanks in the game, maybe even the most played. For a lot of players it has been the first tank that they have driven. Yes it is very slow, but the resistance of its armour and the power from its gun make it a fearsome opponent. It references a model developed toward the end of the 30s, the first of which started up its caterpillar tracks in 1939 at Mannerheim. A real icon of the Second World War, not far off three thousand tanks were produced in the first half of the conflict.


ID Card (without upgrade)

Soviet Tier V Heavy Tank Research Cost
Cost to Purchase 13 500 
390 000 Credits
Hit Points 590 Weight Limit 47.8 T Engine Power 450 hp. Speed Limit
Traverse Speed 34 Km/h
Hull armour in mm
Turret armour* 75 / 75 / 70
95 / 75 / 75
Penetration in mm 83-138
Rate of Fire
Turret Traverse 15 shots/min
View Range 310 Signal Range 360

Aspects of Gameplay

The KV1 is very slow, but incredibly efficient in close combat. It does particularly well on village terrain with a lot of protection (especially against the SPGs). If you are the dominant Tier, don't hesitate to show the others the way, at the risk of losing a few cartridges. However, if you are not the highest level in the game, try to follow the heaviest in your ranks while looking for different and suprise angles to shoot from, to weigh in anyway.

Be careful of the misguided belief that putting yourself right in front of an enemy will increase your chances of survival! It's not quite true. In reality you should place yourself diagonally, with an angle of between 20° and 40°, increasing the changes of making the bullets ricochet off.

To be really impregnable, avoid the no-mans-land and 'open' terrain like the forests. You are a big fat tank, so in terms of discretion we can hardly say that you are at the top. It is preferable to choose confined places.

*Front, Sides, Rear

Strong Points/Weak Points

Strong Points
It's very well armoured for a Tier V tank (but careful because it isn't invincible either!) You have a lot of guns to choose from, most of which work well. Once you have your full equipment, you will be a real menace for your opponents, and the weak maintenance costs after the battles will make your output and your credit income very high. The research tree will allow you to evolve your tank in three different ways depending on your preferences.


Weak Points
Obviously this tank is very slow. You are far from streamlined, your imposing silhouette makes you difficult to manœuvre and to camouflage. Even if your armour is excellent, you are the Heavy Tier V tank with the least HP.


Pimp my Ride: What equipment to choose?

Buying Order

The base gun for the KV1 isn't that great, but its lack of speed is even more annoying. I would recommend that you upgrade the engine first, so that you're not trailing at snail's pace on the battlefield, before investing in a gun. The turret and the radio should both be next in my opinion.



• M-17F: Quick focus on this engine that will earn you 50 HP.

The third is very expensive in XP and will not gain you any speed (just less chance of a fire on impact).

For 850 *, you can already improve the speed of your metal monster a bit. So rush through this engine before moving to the next.


Quickly invest in any other gun. The other three available all have possibilities.

• 85 mm F-30 / It is the preferred choice of players. Its good rate of fire (12 strokes / min) and its damage (between 160 and 280) make this gun a versatile piece of equipment that will allow you to adapt to all situations, especially in close combat. It takes a little while to focus and the average accuracy of this weapon could make you choose the 57 mm 413 project instead.

• 57 mm Project 413 / The rate of fire is very fast (26.09 hits/min), although the damage is pretty feeble (90 average). The shots don't disperse much and make this the best gun for long distance shooting.

• 122 mm U-11 / Devastating! You must be sure to have a target, because the cooldown is incredibly slow (5.26 hits/min).