World of Tanks Guide – Hetzer

  • Hetzer - German Tier IV Tank Destroyer

Tank Presentation

The Hetzer is a light German tank destroyer, which was designed at the request of the German General Guderian. Produced between 1944 and 1945, almost 2,584 vehicles were manufactured. The German destroyers are known for being devastating opponents. Although if this tank is very slow and not very good from a distance, after some improvements it will become a real monster that can explode the metal carcasses of many of its opponents. This tank will lead you to the StuG III.


ID Card (without upgrade)

German Tier IV Tank Destroyer Cost of research
Cost of purchase 3 600 
127 000 Credits
Hit Points 270 Weight Limit 16.8 T Engine Power 100 hp. Speed Limit
Traverse Speed 42 Km/h
Hull armour in mm* 60 / 20 / 8 Damage
Penetration in mm 83-138
Rate of Fire
Gun Traverse Speed 15.38 shots/min
View Range 260 Signal Range 290

Aspects of the Gameplay

The guns on the Hetzer (even the base ones) are pretty good quality. You are a real threat to the enemy team and you can nuke almost any tank of your tier. However, the weight of your vehicle and the weakness of your engine (especially the first one which is only a little 100Hp) will make you a very slow tank that is difficult to maneuver. Although you can quickly unlock the other engines, you will always a prime target because - for experienced players at least - you'll be attacked as soon as possible.

You will have to use your camouflage, hide yourself in the bushes to be undetectable for as long as possible, or at least until you open fire. Remember that the thickness of your front armour and the fact that it is slanted mean that a lot of the shots will ricochet off if you are placed correctly. Avoid getting outflanked at all costs. An enemy at your back is often synonymous with imminent destruction.

The gun rack is also a problem for the Hetzer, because it is near the top of the tank and makes you especially vulnerable to artillery shells. You will have to place yourself well to be out of their reach.

In sum, you will have to sneak about in the shadows, and at the right time hit out while only exposing your front armour to enemy retaliation.

*Front, Sides, Rear

Strong Points/Weak Points

Strong Points
A lot of oblique armour, improving your chances of survival. Excellent front armour. A very nice choice of guns, adaptable depending on your preferences. An extremely violent gun. The research for this tank doesn't cost a lot.


Weak Points
Very thin side and back armour in particular.. Very short range of sight. An asymmetric firing arc that will force you to expose yourself.


Pimp my Ride: What equipment to choose?

Buying Order

It's sad but true: you can't use any of the elements from the Marder II. You will have to start from scratch unless you have previously owned a Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) in which case you can use the second engine: Praga TNPS. With an very low speed, I would advise you to quickly invest in the engine tree to unlock the last (the Tatra Typ 103). To equip the guns, you will first have to invest in the track to increase the maximum load. For the choice of the gun, it will depend on your style of play. Personally, I like the 7.5 cm, which has a higher firing rate.



• Tatra Typ 103 / The base engine of the Hetzer has a power of 100HP. It is awfully slow and your priority will be to change this as soon as possible. The Tatra Type 103 has an power of 220 Hp. Without being a rocket, your Hetzer will be much easier to move around.


• Hetzer-Ketten Ausf. B / These tracks are essential to equip the Tier V guns.


• 7.5 cm PaK 39 L/48 / It's the gun I use. With a firing rate of 16 shots/min, with good penetration (110/158/38) and a decent level of damage (110/110/175), I find it's a good choice for doing some damage while being able to harass your opponent continuously.

• 10.5 cm StuH 42 L/28 / Others prefer the ability to do a lot of damage in one shot. This is the case for the 105mm which has an average damage of 375, but a firing rate that is twice as slow as the 75 mm (8 shots/min). This choice is justified, it is mostly a matter of taste and gameplay.



Try to invest in these three recommended pieces of equipment for the Hetzer:

• Camouflage Net

• Coated Optics

• Binocular Telescope