Weak Spot Guide: M6 - World of Tanks Guru

The tier 6 American heavy tank M6 shares a similar armor design as the tier 5 T1 heavy tank but with several improvements over its predecessor.  Against tier 7-8 tanks the M6’s armor might not hold up reliably against well aimed shots but against tier 4-6 tanks the M6’s can be tricky.  This is because it does not have the traditional frontal lower glacis weak spot and often players will be puzzled at why they are bouncing off of this portion of armor.  This weak spot guide will break down the M6’s armor into the easiest areas to penetrate(green), second best areas to penetrate(yellow), and the strongest sections of the M6’s armor(red).  Purple areas are places with no hull armor behind them so you will either damage track armor, a view port, or do nothing to the M6.

M6 Frontal Weak Spots


Frontally the M6’s armor is decent for a tier 6 heavy tank, but it will not stop most shots thrown at it if enemy tanks bother to aim their shots.  One downside of the M6’s armor is that most of its weak spots are located in the center of the frontal view and if players auto-aim at you then they will be aiming at the weakest areas of your tank.  The weakest sections of the M6 are primarily centered on the flat upper section on the hull where the armor is least angled and there are also two view ports with zero armor tied to them.  On the turret there are sections around the turret front that are not angled that well and are easy to penetrate.

On top of the turret is the commander’s cupola that is very small and difficult to hit for some shorter tanks in the mid tiers.  For those tanks that do not have issues hitting the cupola it is a good weak spot to go to if an enemy M6 tries to face-hug you.  Finally, the turret roof is only 25mm thick and can be overmatched by 75mm+ guns, although most guns larger than 75mm can easily penetrate other easier to hit weak spots.

M6 Side Weak Spots


The side of the M6 is easier to damage than the front of the M6 but still can pose problems for players not familiar with its armor scheme.  The tracks and added spaced armor plate make damaging the side hull very difficult since you are going through 2-3 layers of armor.  It is best to fire at the side hull that is not covered by track armor since it is very weak and easy to penetrate.  The side turret armor is only tough where it is angled around the edges or thicker towards the front of the turret.

M6 Rear Weak Spots


The M6’s rear armor is very weak and easy to penetrate if you avoid any angled sections.  The engine deck is again 25mm along with part of the rear turret armor which makes it very easy to overmatch these areas.  If you avoid shooting the rear areas you will have no issues with penetrating the rear armor on the M6 heavy tank.