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Crafting Time Doesn't Determine Gear Quality

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Crafting Time Doesn't Determine Gear Quality

It's a common myth that crafting time determines the quality of the gear you can craft. Don't be fooled by those who think they can cheat the system. People will try to start the craft, cancel it, start the craft again and repeat until they have found the highest craft time. Then they think that if they finish the craft at this longer time period, they have a better chance of getting the highest level of material.

This however, is definitely not the case.

The Truth About Crafting Timesr_crafting_icon

What is true is that the crafting time does change based on the level of materials you are using to craft, but the change in time higher or lower does not change the percentage chance of which level of gear you end up with. The most confusing part about this whole myth is that even when you use the same materials at the same levels to craft the same item, the craft time can vary slightly and yet the percentage chance stays the same.

For example,

If you were to combine a lvl 1 copper, with a level 2 string, you might get the following craft times

Craft 1 - 17min 45 sec

Craft 2 - 17min 45 sec

Craft 3 - 17min 45sec

Even though all the times are the same, you can get white gear or grey gear from each of them.

Even if you have gear or research done to reduce crafting time, the outcome percentages will always stay the same.

Here's a quote by Daze Ruiz to summarize the truth:

"If you think looking at the timer gives you a better outlook on what the outcome is going to be, you go ahead and keep doing it. I've crafted plenty of sets and whether it came out purple or gold, the length of time did not effect the outcome. Nor did it effect the amount of silver used."

More Crafting Myths People Claim Are True (for the lolz)


This week's episode of MythBusters is on Game of War.

The following tricks are myths about what will increase your odds of crafting higher quality gear:

Doing a head stand when pushing the craft button.

Speed it up to the last 15-20min then let the craft finish by itself.

Using larger speed ups to complete the craft.

Speed it up until it hits 5min, then use an 8 hour speed.

Highest level item in the first slot.

A more elaborate myth is describe by Daniel:

"When I go to craft and I have a mix of gold and purple materials I look at the gold cost (instant craft), then I change the gold mats to purple, if the gold cost goes down with all purple mats I change the mats back to gold and craft. If the gold value does not change after switching to all purple I dont craft. It has worked every time I have tried it."

This is just a misunderstanding of where the instant gold cost comes from. The instant craft cost only changes because the time it takes to craft changes from one speedup value to another. Instead of the craft time being 6 days and 23 hours (10k instant gold cost), the craft time jumps to 7 day 2 hours (40k instant gold cost).


The reality is that if there was a real way of rigging the crafting system so that you could always get the highest level of material, it would have been figured out already and everyone would know about it.



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