Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources

TIME :2022-07-03

Monitoring An Enemy Hive For Resources

Let's say your hive (group of Alliance Strongholds) is close to an enemy hive or you are purposefully inside their hive. If you want to safely steal an enemy hive's resources, you will need to be attentive your enemy's behavior.

Here is a great way to get risk-free Resources from your enemy:

Look for players in the enemy hive who didn't cancel their fake Rally and their Rally started to March. They usually have a good amount of Resources and since their fake Rally is Marching they have no Troops to protect their Resources. While their Troops are Marching, they can't put up a Shield or un-rally their Troops.

Keep tabs of enemies who frequently do this and continue to farm them over and over again >:)

Contributed by (K2A) steve724