The Deadly Tag Team Strategy

game of war fire age tag team strategy

This strategy is a great for you and a friend to use during a kill event. Especially with all the game lag lately, the "tag team" strategy has a very high success right when you have a good connection. It's a timeless strategy that requires flawless execution.

Tag teaming only works against enemies who  are afraid of their troops getting hit and zeroed.

How to Tag Team

  1. Find a teammate with strong defenses
  2. Find an enemy around 30mil power
  3. Let your teammate know of the target and tell him to be ready to port as well
  4. You port and in attack the enemy
  5. When the enemy sends their troops to another tile to avoid your attack, your teammate will port to the tile the enemy sent their troops to. Then, immediately random port away causing the enemy march to hit them. (This may take a few times to get the timing down, and you have to hope the enemy isn't paying attention). I would have your teammate port to the tile just as your march is hitting because that's when the enemy is most likely not watching their troops OR recall your troops just before they hit if the enemy has lots of traps. Another time I would try porting in is just as the enemy send their march to a tile, while they are all nervous and relieved.
  6. Celebrate and post the kill report to your alliance group chat on line. ha

What You Need For a Tag Team

Teammate 1:

  • Advanced Teleport
  • More strength than the enemy by a lot (to scare the enemy into sending a march to a tile)
  • March Recall (optional)

Teammate 2:

  • Advanced Teleport + Random Teleport
  • Strong defenses that can easily handle a full march from the enemy



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