When to Take Chances While Crafting

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When to Take Chances While Crafting

I think we can all admit that Hero Gear is part of what makes Game of War fun. There is a surprising, and admittedly somewhat absurd, thrill from Crafting a new Piece of Gear and putting it on. This is ironic to me: I hate shopping, and am blessed to have a job that I can wear the same clothes every day. I can also appreciate the hilarity of coming home and waiting for my wife to fall asleep…so that I can go Craft something. What can I say? It’s fun.

Over the past two years this game has evolved, and so has the Gear. For one thing, there is a lot more options now, and it seems like there is something new at least weekly. As the Gear has progressed, in many cases so have the requirements to Craft it. For Gear Sets, especially, there seems to be one or two materials that prove particularly elusive. For some players, buying more packs to get these Materials is a legitimate option. For others, targeting Events that offer specific Materials as a reward, along with persistence and determination, will eventually get them to their Gear goal. Sometimes, to get the Gear you want you may just have to roll the dice and get lucky.

Regardless of what type of Game of War player you are, there is a Crafting Method to help you get your Hero Gear of choice. I have identified four different Methods of Crafting that I use, and given a brief description of when I choose each. Each has its benefit, and together these Methods have allowed me to Craft the majority of the Hero Gear that I’ve wanted.


Conservative Crafting

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the tried and true, guaranteed method. Here, you wait til you have all Legendary Materials for 100% chance of Crafting a Legendary Piece…It’s fool proof. The downside is that it’s also the slowest method. I tend to choose this method for Gear that either has a very high silver cost, or that I really want to be sure of (the last Piece of a Set, for example).

Advantage Crafting

Playing the odds, using 80% Legendary to Craft your Gear in an attempt to save time or materials, or just to cheat the system. I was an early proponent of this method, and Crafted a lot of Legendary Gear at 80%. The odds say that you will win more often than not. Just a warning: everyone has a Nemesis Piece. For me it was the Monster Gauntlet. After going 0/4 at 80%...I actually went with the next method and got lucky.

Double or Nothing Crafting

This method is a little more daring. It is taking the chance with only 40-70% chance of your item turning out Legendary. This is my preferred method of Crafting, and in some circumstances I think it’s much more effective—when Crafting Gear that requires both common Materials and rare materials, for example. Take Fire Age Gear: each Piece requires Blue Flames. Due to the difficulty of getting enough Legendary Blue Flames to Craft the Cavalry Set, I started substituting Level 4 Blue Flames on some Pieces. For example, the Firelord’s Tasset requires one each of White, Red, Blue, and Green Flames. Substituting a Level 4 Blue Flame still gave me a 70% chance of Legendary, and I was able to Craft the Piece much sooner than if I would have waited for 100% Legendary. If you manage your Materials correctly, this method can be hugely advantageous. Instead of the required 14 Legendary Blue Flames, I was able to Craft the Fire Age Cavalry set for 8 Legendary and a couple Epic and Level 4 Blue Flames.

Obviously, there is some risk involved here. First, there is a chance that you waste your Material. And, yes. It happens. Sometimes, in hind-sight, it might have been smarter to wait for an Advantage or Conservative Craft. Second, there is a cost in silver. If your heart is set on Legendary Gear and you Craft Epic, chances are you just threw away a couple hundred million silver. My last article was about the Blacksmith Set being the most under-rated Set in Game of War. When used in Double or Nothing Crafting, the Blacksmith Set starts to become truly valuable. I’ve been able to attempt (and successfully Craft) a ton of extra Pieces utilizing Blacksmith Gear than I would have otherwise.

Hail Mary Crafting

Again, just what it sounds like: a long shot. That mean 25% Legendary, or less. This is fun, and a huge ego boost when you win, but definitely not to be considered a sound economic strategy. I generally go with the Hail Mary for Gear that I know I will never have the Materials for. The perfect example is some of the Upkeep Reduction Helms. I will probably never have a Legendary Figure of Courage, Pronged Spear, or Snake Symbol. So why wait? So far, I’m 2 for 4…

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At what percent chance do you take the risk crafting your gear? What's the lowest percent you have been successful at? 

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