Fast Racing 3D Hack for Dollars & Nitro -

TIME :2022-07-03

Fast Racing 3D Hack for Dollars & Nitro

Fast Racing 3D is a racing game developed by Doodle Mobile, a company which is known for games such as Hero of Legends, Restaurant Live or Monster Crush. The game has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Google Play and requires at least an Android version of 2.1. It was downloaded for more than 50 million times.

The game promises more than 10 hours of gameplay having a career mode with 48 levels and a lot of other features. Your role in this game is…well….to race and to win in order to unlock other levels where you will need to race and to win. When you are tired of racing and winning you can customize your car or if you have enough money you can buy other cars or/and upgrade parts of your current car.

In Fast Racing 3D you can buy in-game money with real money. The prices start from $1.99 for 20.000 to $99.99 for 1.6 million. The game also promises an ad free environment if you pay at least $4.99 for in-game money. There are not a lot of ads but they could potentially annoy you at some point so you may take this offer in consideration.

The game does not require a sign-up or even a possibility of signing up. You start out straight with the Career or a Quick Race – no questions asked. If you uninstall or reformat your mobile device you will lose all your progress so be careful.

Fast Racing 3D Hack for Dollars & Nitro

Fast Racing 3D is such an exciting racing game, but you need a lot of dollars and nitro to get through all of the tracks and get the upgrades. You can get the dollars and nitro through the app store, but it costs real money, and you will soon learn this gets really expensive. If you are looking for a way to get dollars and nitro free, then simply download our hack tool.

If you look at the image found below, you will see how easy the hack tool for Fast Racing 3D is to use. When you see the options menu, just enter the amounts of dollars and nitro that you want to add to your account.


Simply download the free Fast Racing 3D hack from our website, which is safe for Android and iOS devices. You will notice that it automatically installs after downloading, and both the download and install take around 20 seconds each. Then, select either iOS or Android depending on your device. You will at that point be able to input how many of dollars and nitro you want to add to your account.

Press “Start” to begin the Fast Racing 3D hack, which should take no more than 30 seconds to complete. You then just load up the game as you typically would, and the dollars and nitro will already be in your account. Using our free hack tool allows you to get the items you need for free, and puts more enjoyment into the game.

Our Own Tips & Tricks

2nd or 3rd place is not enough. You get more money for winning the race and more CP. Aim high, it doesn’t cost you anything.


Always pick NOS Power-ups (red). They will make the difference between winning and losing a race. Be careful though, opponents can pick them too.

Picking Money Power-Ups (green) is not mandatory. You may want to pick them if it will not disrupt you your race but nothing else.

The opponents are playing dirty. They will smash into you and they will try to get you of the track. Beware.


If you feel comfortable with a track and you have no problems winning it, don’t hesitate on placing a bet. More money for upgrades and cars is always great.

Use the brake. I know, it’s a racing game, braking is not fun but in this case is very useful and can save you precious seconds by not smashing into a wall.

Upgrade Shop Advice – Starting Car: When you upgrade your car you can do it in 5 different segments each of it having the possibility of upgrading for 4 times. Even though a balanced approach of the upgrades will be recommended (1 upgrade per section at a time) I think that you can do better than that. After a few races you will realize that the opponents are always ahead of you after the first miles. That’s because your acceleration is bad. In order to make it good you need to max out the acceleration upgrade first. After that, you can choose between Nitro and Handling – either way these two upgrades are the 2nd and the 3rd one. After that, upgrade your tires. In the end, if you didn’t already buy another car, upgrade your Top Speed which is one of the best in-game anyway.

Temporary Upgrades (Cheat Cards): You can chose up to 3 temporary upgrades from a total of 10 before a race. They are only available in one race and cost a lot of money. In my opinion there are only a few that are worth buying and that’s the “Enhance HANDLING temporarily” for the hard circuits and “Double the nitrogen you pick up” for Time Trial and Elimination races. The other ones are too expensive (more than the race prize) or too worthless to invest in them (for example starting in pole position).


Fast Racing 3D Review

Fast Racing 3D is a game that promises much but does not offer even half of its promise. You can choose from 8 cars that are not named in a way because of copyright issues and the 4 types of races are pretty dull. Besides the Normal scenario, you have Time Trial which is basically the qualification round of a racing sport, Elimination where you must remain the last car on a track (the last place is eliminated after 1 minute) and Survival which is a combination of Time Trial and Elimination where you must pass checkpoints in a given amount of time or you will lose while you compete with other racers. I believe that Fast Racing 3D was rushed and that it looks like a preview of a possible epic game that was never released.

One thing I appreciate at Fast Racing 3D is that the customization of the car is fully unlocked from the beginning and it’s free. They remembered that this game is on a mobile device so your main objective is to race to pass time not to unlock different body colors or windshields. However don’t think that it’s too developed. You can choose from 5 colors and 5 types of side vinyl and that’s all of the customization you will get.

What I don’t like about Fast Racing 3D is the fact that even though there is Fast Forward button at the beginning of the race it does not seem to do anything – I must watch the presentation of the cars over and over again and it’s boring. Another thing that hurts the playability of the game in my opinion is the fact that you cannot save your progress – If you want to switch devices you must start over which is annoying. Ultimately I think that some sort of multiplayer implementation or at least a friends list with some statistics about your friends would have improved the overall quality of the game.



Artwork: Fast Racing 3D gets 6 out of 10 for the artwork. Even though the developers talk about the stunning eye-catching graphics of the game I did not see any of that for the time I played the game. The cars are looking almost decent and they are the greatest feature in-game. They are not well-polished and they seem too unnatural – they also don’t get visual damage. The level design is pretty boring and the background looks bad – it is 2D and the environment has little to nothing to offer. The races that happen during the night are a total joke – there is no sky, just a black paint that makes the game look like a 1990 one. The road is also looking pretty bad being pixelated on higher resolutions and the late render of the buildings gives the feeling of racing in a box from time to time. The animations are looking clunky and unrealistic. The only thing that is decent about the game is that the color palette seems appropriate for this genre. Anything else is just technologically surpassed.

Music & SFX: I give the game 6 out of 10. The music is average and it does not induce a racing atmosphere like the music of a racing game should do. The engine sounds are ok but the collision sounds are very bad – they sound fake and dull. The announcer voice is so creepy that made me jump away the first time I heard it – it sounds like a feminine robotized-alien that wants to kill you after she (or it) will finish the countdown. The developers of Fast Racing 3D should have worked a lot more on this aspect of the game and maybe the finished product would have been looked far more great than it does now.

Story/Originality: I give Fast Racing 3D a rating of 5 out of 10. There a hundreds of racing games on the market and none of them seem to try to stand out. The repeatability of the same genre with no additional characteristics is getting boring in my opinion. This game has a career mode but it lacks content – It’s just a series of different races arranged in a random order and sorted in 4 difficulties. In my opinion, the promise of a strong-built career was the only hope of Fast Racing 3D to shine but that did not happen. There are a lot of possibilities waiting to be explored in this type of games but apparently nobody cares enough to do something.

General Gameplay: 7 out of 10 for the game. There is not much to say about the gameplay of Fast Racing 3D because it is the average gameplay of a racing game. There is nothing special about the controls and there is no need of a tutorial because the game is intuitive. I think that it is nice that they allow the player to decide whether they want to control the car by tilt or by touch. There are some problems with the overview of the track because of the poorly designed levels – sometime you will not see clearly where the road turns if you don’t check the mini-map. The Artificial Intelligence is not great either because the difficulty of your opponents seems to say the same. There are no major bugs or freezes (or at least I did not encountered them) so from this point of view the game is looking fine.

Addictiveness: A rating of 6 out of 10 for this game. Unfortunately I don’t find Fast Racing 3D addictive at all. It lacks too much content to be addictive. The fact that there is a career and that you progress with it is nice but it gets boring. I like the fact that they introduced a betting system for races but I feel like it is under-developed. There are too few modes to make an impact and I think that Fast Racing 3D will be tagged as “just another racing game” without any chances of a breakthrough. It is a game that you will probably play for a maximum of 2 hours and then just forget about it and eventually it will get uninstall.

Overall I give Fast Racing 3D a 6 out of 10 rating. The game has its moments but nothing more.