Barbarian, Wanderer of the North Skills and Abilities - Heroes of the Storm

Barbarian (also called Sonya), the Wanderer of the North, is a warrior hero from the Diablo franchise. From the frozen Dreadlands of the north comes the mighty Barbarian warriors. After surviving of the destruction of her home and death of her tribe, Sonya wanders Sanctuary in search of battle and a better life for her people. Unlike most heroes, Sonya uses Fury which she gains by attacking enemies and can steal life.

The red head from the North

Steeped in mystery and tradition, these people refer to themselves as the Children of Bul-Kathos, the great and ancient king. To better protect their lands from outside forces, they adopted a nomadic lifestyle, frequently moving within the confines of the Steppes and maintaining few permanent settlements. Isolating themselves from the world outside their territories, they eschew the use of magics and complex machinery, as they believe these things can only weaken their resolve developed over so many years.

The Children of Bul-Kathos have developed a kinship with the land and have learned to harness the primal energies within nature to enhance their own substantial physical prowess. It is because of this, together with their freedom from the trappings of the outside world, that the Western Kingdoms have historically referred to these tribes as Barbarians. Apart from some trade with the curious band of nomads, all intrusions into the territory surrounding Mount Arreat are forbidden, and warriors from the northern tribes are quick to thwart any incursions.

Since news of Diablo's re-emergence has spread, a small number of Barbarian warriors have begun roving the lands outside the Steppes, prepared for war and seeking information regarding the recent activities of the Prime Evils.

Renowned for their awesome combat prowess as well as their arrogant demeanor, the Barbarians appear to be perpetually girt for battle.

Barbarian's Abilities: Muaaaaah!

A real war machine on legs, the Barbarian is here to get the dirty work done in the battle! She has an array of literally devastating offensive abilities that make her an excellent damage dealer in melee. In short, plough in until you want no more. Nice!

(Passive) Fury

- Combat Trait

Sonya uses Fury instead of Mana. Fury is gained by taking damage, by using Basic Attacks or by using abilities. She also gains a 15% lifesteal with her attacks and abilities. 

(Q) Ancient Spear

- Cooldown: 15 seconds

Throws out a chained spear that pulls Sonya to the first enemy unit it hits, dealing 250 (79 + 9 per level) damage and briefly stunning them. If Ancient Spear connects, Sonya generates 20 Fury.

(W) Hammer of the Ancients

- 15 Fury
- Cooldown: 1 second

Deals 696 (240+24 per level) damage to an enemy target.

(E) Whirlwind

- 20 Fury
- Cooldown: 1 second

Deals 640 (336+16 per level) damage to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

(R) Leap

- Cooldown: 40 seconds

Leap into the air, dealing 270 (61 + 11 per level) damage to nearby enemies, and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

(R) Wrath of the Berserker

- Cooldown: 100 seconds
- Duration : 12 seconds

Gains 100% attack speed, 40% movespeed, +10% lifesteal. Silences, stuns, slows and roots against her are reduced by 100%.