Tychus, Notorious Outlaw Skills and Abilities - Heroes of the Storm

Tychus Findlay is a hero from the Starcraft franchise. He's a massive man with a big ego and an enormous gun. Fortunately it is quite easy to gain his loyalty. Buy him a couple of whiskies and promise him enough money and no job will be too dangerous for this outlaw.

Quand on veut être chic il faut avoir du fric

It is difficult to know the real past of Tychus Findlay since there are many stories about him. Distilling the facts from the fiction becomes quite complicated. Some tales descibe him as a scoundrel who would sell his own mother to Kimeran pirates for the right sum, others say that he is a loyal soldier who has risked his life for his fellow Marines during the Guild Wars. Even the man who knows him best, Jim Raynor, isn't certain of which stories are true or false.

As the war progressed, Findlay became a member of the 321st Colonial Rangers Battalion, an elite fighting force tasked with high-priority missions on Turaxis II. Tychus was an exceptional soldier, and his unit, nicknamed the “Heaven’s Devils”, quickly earned a reputation as a daring and effective military asset. After a successful stint in the Heaven’s Devils, however, Findlay’s military career came to an abrupt end. He went AWOL after a botched mission into Kel-Morian territory that resulted in the friendly fire deaths of Confederate soldiers. Findlay blamed the incident on his commanding officers, but he knew that he might be held accountable for the operation’s deaths. His intuition were correct: the Confederate military charged him in absentia with manslaughter.

Tychus and Raynor spent the next few years on the run as outlaws. Together they stalked the Koprulu sector, pulling off heists and amassing a small fortune. Findlay in particular became the stuff of legend due to his habit of embellishing the details of his exploits to everyone he met. He was well suited to this life of crime, and the credits he obtained allowed him to enjoy what he considered the finer things in life: booze, brothels, and the best cigars in the Koprulu sector. But the good times didn’t last. Echoing Findlay and Raynor’s earlier misfortune during the Guild Wars, the outlaws’ crime spree came to a sudden end. Authorities cornered Tychus and Jim during a risky heist, and Findlay was apprehended. Raynor, however, escaped in the ensuing chaos.

Rumours have it that Tychus Findlay is now locked away in New Folsom Prison. Convicts who are sent to this maximum security facility are rarely heard from again, but Findlay is a survivor. Even when all of the cards are stacked against him, he always manages to find a way out of tough situations.

Tychus' Abilities: On s'fend la gueule

Tychus is a warrior with a lot of disables and who specialises in doing his enemies damage. He won't let you out of his sight since he has everything he needs to root you to the ground: stun, slow or even a knockback. With his powerful HP regeneration and decent damage, he'll be able to make an impact in melee.

(Passive) Minigun

- Combat Trait

Before attacking, Tychus must windup his Minigun briefly. Once wound up, he attacks much faster than other Heroes.

(Q) Annihilate

- Cooldown: 7 seconds

Tychus fires the Odin's cannons in a straight line, dealing 70 damage to everything in its path.

(Q) Overkill

- 75 Mana
- Cooldown: 15 seconds

Focus Tychus' minigun on the target, dealing 3760 (720 + 160 per level) damage to the target over 5 seconds. Other targets in the cone take 940 (180 + 40 per level) damage. Can be retargeted.

(W) Ragnarok Missiles

- Cooldown: 7 seconds

Cooldown: 7 seconds Tychus launches missiles at everything in a radius around him, dealing 70 damage to each target.

(W) Frag Grenade 

- 50 Mana
- Cooldown: 10 seconds

Tychus lobs a grenade that explodes for 560 (85 + 25 per level) damage. Enemies hit are pushed away from the explosion's epicenter.

(E) Nuclear Blast

- Cooldown: 10 seconds

Tychus calls down a nuke at a target location. After a short delay, the target area explodes for 200 damage.

(E) Run and Gun

- 50 Mana
- Cooldown: 8 seconds

Charge forward and instantly wind up Tychus' minigun.

(R) Drakken Laser Kill

- 100 Mana
- Heroic Ability
- Cooldown: 100 seconds
- Duration
: 17.5 seconds

Summons a Laser Drill that deals 155 (22 + 7 per level) damage per second. Able to be targeted by reactivating.

(R) Commandeer Odin

- 100 Mana
- Heroic Ability
- Cooldown: 80 seconds
- Duration: 17.5 seconds

Tychus pilots the Odin, gaining a second health pool and reducing all Crowd Control effects by 50%. Basic Attacks in the Odin do heavy damage and no longer require a windup. Tychus gains the ability to fire Ragnarok Missiles and Annihilate to devastate a large area.