HoS: Li Li, World Wanderer Skills and Abilities - Heroes of the Storm

Li Li Stormstout is a character from the Warcraft franchise. Born on Shen-zin Su, the Wandering Isle, Li Li lead an uneventful life until she came across the journals of her uncle Chen. Not long after, nothing could satisfy her thirst for adventure and exploration on Halfhill. Li Li is a positional support that protects her allies by throwing out healing brew and blinding enemies.

Adventures of the lost Panda

Li Li has a reputation for being a boistrous adventurer with a zest for life and a history of getting into trouble, who cannot resist the call to adventure.

As a part of the illustrious Stormstout family, Li Li seems to be experiencing the exact same wanderlust that gripped her uncle Chen in his youth... only worse. Her fixation on travel and exploration sent Li Li careening around her hometown, the back of the great turtle Shen-zin Su, also known as the Wandering Isle, as she grew up under the watchful eye of the martial artist and geomaster Strongbo. Bo found the young spitfire of a Stormstout to be as exacerbating as she was enthusiastic, but grudgingly vowed to protect Li Li when she ran away to search for her uncle Che

Stories of Li Li's travels to Kalimdor and beyond have been collected in numerous volumes, some penned by the young Stormstout herself, but perhaps the most pivotal result of Li Li's wandering has been her recovery of the omen-granting Pearl of Pandaria, which ultimately galvanized the return of Chen Stormstout. Reunited with her uncle Chen, Li Li now has a chance to roam Pandaria for the very first time, though her demeanor sometimes rubs other pandaren the wrong way. Some have taken to calling her "Wild Dog," a derogatory term for pandaren from the Wandering Isle.

Li Li's Abilities: Spirit of nature

Li Li is quite a versatile support character. She has a good dose of healing thanks to her Healing Brew and her Jug, and her Blinding Wind also allows her to protect her allies by applying a debuff to her opponents. She won't be outdone in terms of offensive techniques either, since she can summon creatures to help her in combat. Her passive gives her the mobility she needs for good positioning in a teamfight, allowing her to always be on the lookout and near her allies if needed. 

(Passive) Fast Feet

- Combat trait

When she is hit by an enemy, Li Li runs 20% faster during 1 second.

(Q) Healing Brew

- 25 Mana
- Cooldown: 3 seconds

Toss a refreshing cup of brew to the lowest Health ally within range, prioritizing Heroes over Minions, restoring 113-490 (100 + 13 per level) Health and 20 Mana.

(W) Cloud Serpent

- 65 Mana
- Cooldown: 16 seconds
- Duration: 12 seconds

Li Li summons a Cloud Serpent to help the allied target hero. The Cloud Serpent mirrors the hero, attacking surrounding enemies and dealing 102 (26 + 4 per level) damage.

(E) Blinding Wind

- 50 Mana
- Cooldown: 12 seconds

Li Li creates a cloud of Blinding Wind for the three closest enemy heroes, dealing 580 (124 + 24 per level) damage. The minions will be targeted if there are not enough heroes in range. Targets are blinded and miss their next attack. 

(R) Jug of 1,000 Cups

- Heroic ability
- 100 Mana
- Cooldown: 50 seconds

Quickly toss beer at the most weakened surrounding allies, prioritising heroes over minions. It restores a total of 2520 (696 + 96 per level) PV and 600 (144 + 24 per level) mana over 6 seconds.

(R) Water Dragon

- Heroic ability
- 100 Mana
- Cooldown: 60 seconds

Li Li summons a Water Dragon that charges up an attack for 3 seconds then deals 910 (340 + 30 per level) damage to the nearest enemy hero. Enemies near the target take half the damage.