HearthStone Guide: Druid Control Deck

This Druid deck is focused on the late game: you can control the table with your spells and your power in the early game, then your taunts will do the work in the mid game, and finally, your big creatures will take on the late game! You also have some heals that allow you to play for time against very aggressive decks! Careful with the Druid cards, you will often have two choices presented to you, think hard so that you play the right effect at the right time!

The Key Cards

You have some very good spells to help you in the late game: either for healing, controlling or drawing cards. The aim is simple: hold on until you have your big taunts!

• Wrath

A excellent card that allows you to easily get rid of a little creature, either by drawing a card if the creature only has one health point, or just by dealing 3 damage points. This card will help you get rid of nearly all your opponent's 1-2 turns! A must have card for the early game or to play at the end to draw!

• Swipe

The ultimate table control card: Swipe deals 4 damage points to a character (so you can target the enemy hero) and 1 damage point to all other enemy characters! Very practical against aggressive decks, this card can completely turn a game around! Unlike the other AOE cards you can get rid of all the little creatures AND a medium creature! Try to use this card with the Bloodmage Thalnos for even better results!

• Druid of the Claw

Once again, you have a choice of weapons! Either a 4/4 charge that allows you to finish off a threat on the table or your opponent, or a 4/6 taunt for 4 mana, which is very strong (Remember the Sen-jin Shieldmasta is a 3/5 for 4). This card will be annoying for your opponent, really, simply because it has too many health points so it survives little bursts of damage and zone damage. The taunt also protects you and your enemy is forced to trade, and with 4 attack points it will often leave him bruised!

• Keeper of the Grove

Another very versatile creature, its 4 health points give it some durability and its ability is very practical! You can get rid of a little or a hurt creature. But it's the silence that will cause the most problems, what better than to silence a taunt, a divine shield or a big legendary?

• Innervate

This card allows you to do some huge turns, no matter what the situation. Imagine playing a Druid o the Claw at turn 2 with a Coin and an Innervate? It's the kind of turn that can win you the game. In most cases this card will give you a considerable advance in one turn and if the opponent doesn't have an immediate solution he'll be in a right mess! You can also play this card at the end of the game to have more than 10 crystals in one turn!

The Full Deck

To finish your deck, you have some big Druid cards like the "Ancient of War" and "Ancient of Lore", some big legendaries: "Ysera" and "Ragnaros"  and some playmaker creatures like "Sylvanas", "The Black Knight" and "Sunwalker"

Druid Deck

Mana Card Name Quantity 0 Innervate 2 1 Claw 2 2 Wrath 2 2 Loot Hoarder 1 2 Novice Engineer 1 2 Bloodmage Thalnos 1 3 Healing Touch 1 3 Harvest Golem 2 3 Earthen Ring Farseer 1 4 Swipe 2 4 Keeper of the Grove 2 5 Starfall 1 5 Druid of the Claw 2 5 Faceless Manipulator 2 6 Starfire 1 6 The Black Knight 1 6 Sunwalker 1 6 Sylvanas Windrunner 1 7 Ancient of War 1 7 Ancient of Lore 1 8 Ragnaros the Firelord 1 9 Ysera 1

Strengths and Weaknesses

The + of the deck

 Very solid against all kinds of decks.
 A lot of druid cards, so unusual and fun to play!

The - of the deck

 Very expensive!
 If you come across an aggro deck and you have a bad hand then you won't come out well!