Weak Spot Guide: Jagdtiger - World of Tanks Guru

The tier 9 German tank destroyer Jagdtiger has a massive amount of armor on the front of the tank and there are not many weak spots to aim at making the Jagdtiger a difficult opponent to face.  Since there are only a couple weak spots and primarily the lower glacis a Jagdtiger can hide that and then you are faced with a choice of staying or finding a way to flank the Jagdtiger.  For tanks that can penetrate 238mm-255mm of effective armor then the frontal armor can be overcome with brute force, however a lot of tier 7-tier 9 tanks the Jagdtiger faces do not have this option readily available.

This weak spot guide will show you the best places to penetrate the Jagdtiger (green), the second best places to penetrate (yellow), and the strongest armor areas (red).

Jagdtiger Frontal View


Frontally the Jagdtiger’s armor is almost rock solid with very limited weak spots available.  There are no cupolas on top of the tank or weak spots on the roof which allows the Jagdtiger to cover up its lower weak spots and become very difficult to weed out.  The mantlet area is immune to virtually all shells thrown at it and the superstructure area around the gun has 255mm of effective armor.  This is low enough for premium rounds to go through depending on your gun and tier, but overall it is still a very strong piece of armor at tier 9.  Tier 9 tanks with tier 10 guns and most tier 10’s can still punch through the superstructure/upper glacis but it is not a 100% chance you will go through.

Moving lower the upper frontal glacis is has 238mm of effective armor which is very difficult for most tier 9 tanks to go through reliably unless you use HEAT/APCR, but for tier 10 tanks it is able to be penetrated semi-reliably.  Tier 7-8 tanks can kiss this area goodbye unless you use premium rounds.  The yellow bit of upper glacis armor next to the machine gun port drops to 216mm of effective armor but is so small it is very difficult to hit reliably.  The green section of the machine gun port is a legitimate weak spot since only has 150mm of armor covering it and 160mm of effective armor protecting it and the yellow edges bump up to 180mm-ish effective armor.

Finally the frontal lower glacis is the major weak spot for the Jagdtiger frontally since it is very large and only have 141mm of effective armor.  If this is showing then shoot it unless you are under 50m from the Jagdtiger with a large tank since you will be shooting down at it(making it stronger).

Jagdtiger Side View


Fortunately the Jagdtiger has very flat side armor, which makes it very easy to deal with unless you aim for the purple sections or the small red strips of frontal armor.  The entire green side section is between 80mm and 88mm of effective armor, while the yellow track area bumps up to 120mm of effective armor.  If you aim half-decently you will be fine damaging the side of this tank.

Jagdtiger Rear View


Like the side armor the Jagdtiger’s rear armor is very weak and there is almost no way to bounce off of it.  The only way you will do that is if you hit the thin strips of armor on the edges of the tank or the angled engine deck.  Stick to the green areas and you’ll do find since they have a maximum of 94mm of effective armor.