Weak Spot Guide: Panther/M10 - World of Tanks Guru

The tier 7 premium German medium tank Panther/M10 is a Panther disguised as the American M10 with thin sheet metal attached over a Panther tank.  The added armor for the disguise does not count as spaced armor since it is to thin to matter, but it can lead to no damage shots if you fire at areas with no actual Panther armor behind it.  At tier 7 the Panther/M10 does not have a great deal of armor against tier 7-tier 9 tanks but it does have enough frontal armor to bounce shots from tier 5 and tier 6 tanks that do not aim properly.

This weak spot guide will give you places to aim for to provide the best chance for penetration(green), second best chance for penetration(yellow), and then the worst chance at penetration(red).  Purple areas are either tracks with no hull armor behind them or parts of the M10 disguise that does not have armor behind it.

Panther/M10 Frontal View


Frontally the Panther/M10 should not pose that much of a problem to most tanks that it faces at tier 7 and above.  However, against tier 5 and tier 6 tanks its frontal hull armor can provide some problems due to the effective armor on it due to the angles.  The upper frontal glacis has 145mm of effective armor and the lower glacis has 87mm of effective armor.  The upper glacis is tough enough to bounce lower tier shells and the lower glacis can be tough to penetrate at close range for lower tiers.  The green area next to the gun has no armor behind the mantlet and is only 100mm of effective armor.  The small angled section of the roof being 17mm also opens up the opportunity for tanks with 51mm or above guns to overmatch it and easily penetrate it.

Keep in mind that the purple sections on the edge of the turret is the M10 fake armor that has no hit-box and will not cause HP damage straight on.

Panther/M10 Side View


The side of the Panther/M10 is weaker than the frontal armor since it has no angle across most of the side armor.  The only area to avoid is near the gun mantlet since it is thicker than the rest of the side armor.  The yellow areas have around 65mm of effective armor on them(even with the tracks covering some areas), and the green areas are in the 40mm-50mm range.  Like the frontal armor there are some sections that have no hit-box behind them since they are apart of the M10 fake armor design.  Keep this in mind when you are aiming since the purple sections won’t net you any damage.

Panther/M10 Rear View


The rear of the Panther/M10 is very easy to damage and shouldn’t pose any issues with dealing with it.  There are a couple no hit-box areas of armor on the turret and the rear hull.  Aside from the purple areas the entire rear is very weak and shouldn’t be an issue for even tier 5 tanks since almost the entire rear has 50mm or under effective armor values.