World of Tanks Guide - StuG III

  • StuG III - German Tier V Tank Destroyer

Tank Presentation

The StuG III is a Tier V German tank destroyer. A real terror, its firepower and focusing speed make it a formidable sniper able to defeat many tanks, even those from a higher tier. For a bit of history, this tank was originally conceived as a self-propelled gun. It is after the F series that the tank was reclassified. In total, 9,265 tanks were produced.


ID Card (without upgrade)

German Tier V Tank Destroyer Cost of research
Cost of purchase 12 435 
422 000 Credits
Hit Points 350 Weight Limit 19.8 T Engine Power 320 hp. Speed Limit
Traverse Speed 40 Km/h
Hull armour in mm* 80 / 30 / 30 Damage
Penetration in mm 83-138
Rate of Fire
Gun Traverse Speed 15.38 shots/min
View Range 310 Signal Range 310

Aspects of the Gameplay

The StuG III is one of the most dangerous in its tier. A real terror on the battlefield, it can easily knock out an enemy in a snap. While some like to use it in close combat by counting on its incredible burst of 10.5 cm StuH 42 L/28 (350-410 damage per shot), I much prefer it in sniper mode with another gun to stay alive longer.

If the StuG III is a real monster in the top tier, it is sometimes more difficult to pierce the armour of opponents above Tier VII. So take care in choosing your target, and try as much as possible to make shots when you are certain to deal your target a good hit.

One element of the StuG III Gameplay is to keep moving regularly. After a confrontation, do not hesitate to quickly change position using your excellent mobility. A tank destroyer whose position is known is always much less effective, and most importantly, you might quickly face an assault, which in many cases will be fatal.

If you manage to find a good hiding place, you just need to equip yourself with a camouflage net and 7.5 cm StuK 42 L/70. And the massacre will begin. With a more than reasonable firing rate and some good damage, it will be up to you to do what is necessary to be the hero of the battle, and earn the respect of your fellow tankists, who will be open mouthed in awe of the power of your armour.


*Front, Sides, Rear

Strong Points/Weak Points

Strong Points
Very good firing rate. An excellent and very rapid focus: very easy to hit the target. Very mobile for a CC, great acceleration. The research does not cost a lot. Very good front armour, making your tank resistant to a lot of shells.


Weak Points
This tank is a lot less efficient if it is not well equipped and without the camouflage net. Invest in it quickly! The range of vision is quite poor. It is sometimes tricky not to get discovered. Very poor in close combat.


Pimp my Ride: What equipment to choose?

Buying Order

The main strength of the StuG III is its firepower. We must therefore invest as soon as possible in the Tier V and VI guns. Between the 10.5 and 7.5, it is up to you to choose. The 10.5 is less accurate and has a fairly low firing rate. However, the damage is incredibly high. The 7.5 is preferred for greater precision in sniping mode to constantly harass the target. You will need to think about researching the tracks for the weight and rotation. The radio and the motor are next, although necessary, these elements seem less important than the gun.



7.5 cm StuK 42 L/70: The last gun of the StuG III. A real disaster (for opponents), the 7.5 cm has a great firing rate (13.3 to 15.8) for damage between 135 and 175. The quality of its focus and precision make it a formidable weapon for ranged combat. This is the gun that I recommend for the StuG III.

• 10.5 cm StuH 42 L/28: Unlike the previous gun, here the accuracy and recharge time (6.98 to 8.33) are not great. You should expect to miss your target quite often in sniper mode. However, in close combat, the damage of the 10.5 cm is just incredible (350-410 dmg). You fire less often, but if it hits, it's over.


StuG-III-Ostketten: Useful for raising the maximum load from 19.8T to 22.4T. You also go from 37° to 44° of rotation and thus make your tank more manageable.


Maybach HL 120 TRM: This engine is compatible with a large number of vehicles. It will give 90HP to your StuG III. The mobility of this tank becomes ridiculous with this engine.


Invest, if you can, in these three essential items for the StuG III:

• Camouflage Net

• Coated Optics

• Binocular Telescope