What My Kingdom Did For KvK

So my kingdom did something that I think was very tactically useful in our KvK event.

Big Background: First off, let me tell you, there is a MASSIVE rivalry between the two biggest alliances in my kingdom (K80). In each kill event no mercy is shown for any members our opposing alliance or their allies. And the same goes for us, from them. This is one of the critical features that makes the game so exciting in my opinion. We gamers need that adrenaline rush of constantly being on our toes and wary of an attack. What's so special about our rivalry is that it allows for a mutual respect between our alliances (UkE/BEU vs. UVG). That mutual respect was the key to our success during our kvk event. "Arch enemies" had work together to defeat a common enemy.

What we did instead of fighting as completely separate alliances, was to put together the best killers of our whole kingdom in one alliance and let them lead the attacks. The alliance was lead by a neutral player (not totally sure how that came about). The top 100 killers in the kingdom had priority to join the super alliance. Any of the top 100 who didn't want to join were replaced at the alliance leader's discretion.

I think the defining factors behind this decision were:

  1. In a lot of alliances, more than half of the players hardly get any kills during the kill event and are usually just moochers for the gold gifts.
  2. Killers want to play with killers.
  3. The more killers working together the better.
  4. Two alliances with 100 million power can't conquer nearly as much as one alliance with 200 million power. One alliance allows for higher rally participation, faster movement for fighters, better communication, etc.

I think anyone can pretty much see that that is a great idea. But, I would love to hear about some other tactics from you guys.

Lastly, I want to point out one more thing. As much as this game relies upon the adrenaline rush of a good fight every weekend, at its core, it's the fact that you are fighting together with friends. You rely on your alliance members and they rely on you. You provide each other with rss, reinforcements, gifts, humor, good conversation, and people share your weird stories of the day with. What I loved about this kingdom event, is it brought our whole kingdom much closer together as competitive friends. Finally getting to fight alongside those heartless, annoying, pesky individuals is actually a really great time. Getting to have a casual conversation with your arch enemy, you realize he's just a normal guy like you who is just having fun playing the game. You may disagree with his dirty tactics of warfare, but you realize it's nothing personal.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed our kvk tactic and my little spiel about what makes this game truly great.  I want to thank you guys for you continued views/comments/emails. The last five days I've had over 800 views, and that's a super cool feeling.