Help GOW Real Tips Create a New Slogan

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Only YOU Can Decide OUR Fate

Ok, we aren't giving you the power to decide our ultimate fate, but we knew it would capture your attention. We have an important mission for all of you. No, it doesn't involve risking life and limb.  But, if a few minutes of your time is priceless or your peace shield is about to expire, bail out right now.

For those who can help, read on.

In order to bring our website together, we want a fancy slogan that encapsulates what we do for the GoW community.  Sure it would be nice to make something verging on fanciful false advertising like: “Guinness is good for you,” but we think we can be more real than that.  

So to help better brand our site, we have come up with a list of 5 slogans, that we think best define what GOW Real Tips does for you guys.*  

First off, we wanted the slogan to be related to: CommunityWar, Learning, and Achievement. So basically we are attempting to emulate a scholarly and friendly warrior who is obsessed with being the best.

happy soldier

Just imagine this soldier as ancient hoplite with an IQ of Socrates and incredible social skills ...  Also he looks like a total bro.

*For those who are not informed;  "We are dedicated to creating a supportive and entertaining web community for GoW players by connecting users and increasing in-game performance with intuitive tools, practical simulations, and comprehensive articles."

  1. Tips, Guides, and Strategy to Burning Your Enemies.
  2. A Community Guide to Burning Your Enemies.
  3. #1 Tips, Guides, and Strategy to Burning Your Enemies.
  4. Guiding You and Your Alliance to Victory.
  5. Taking You and Your Alliance to the Next Level.

Think you can rally behind those?

'The World will end in 100 days' - Ragnarok - the Viking Apocolypse - predicted for 22nd February 2014 - was heralded with the sound of an ancient horn reverberating across the rooftops of York this evening (14th November 2013) signal the countdown to the Norse Apocolypse. Ragnarok is the ultimate landmark in Viking Mythology, when the gods will fall and die.

So where do you fall into this mission? 


You, and the rest of the community will vote on the one that you like the most OR create your own if you think they all suck! Easy. 

So if this the case, tell us! Plus, if you make an awesome suggestion that blows us out of the water, we will add it into the poll!

Damn, imagine the fame.

Which of these Slogans do you like the most?

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Thanks for your help and if you're lucky, the slogan you voted for or created, will be the number 1 choice! Now that's something you can brag to your alliance about! 

Remember, if you don't like any of them, write yours in the comments below.