Armor Guide: Warspite - Menz Gaming | World of Warships

TIME :2022-07-03

The tier 6 premium British Royal Navy battleship HMS Warspite is a Queen Elizabeth class battleship and is an iconic battleship in history.  In World of Warships the Warspite is a heavily armored battleship at tier 6 and coupled with the great turning capabilities it can be difficult to bring down since you can’t always land clean shots on it.  The HMS Warpsite like most battleships focuses the majority of its armor amidships around the waterline and beneath the main turrets where the barbettes connect to the powder magazines.  Unlike some other battleships the HMS Warspites thick main belt armor actually extends past the critical areas and almost reaches the bow/stern.  This World of Warships Warspite armor guide will break down the Warspite’s armor based on thickness and also on critical areas such as the powder magazines.

World of Warships Warspite Armor Guide


At tier 6 the HMS Warspite’s armor holds up very well against most of its peers and its thickest armor near the waterline amidships is difficult to penetrate unless a battleship equal in power lands a shot on it without any plunging fire or angle added to the armor.  The Warspite’s main belt armor consists of a 152mm strip running just below the main deck and then it increases in thickness to 330mm and extends slightly below the waterline.  Behind this 330mm strip the propulsion system(engine, boilers, etc.), powder magazines, and citadel areas are housed making them difficult to damage for anything other than other battleships.  As you get closer to the waterline the armor increases in strength due to an additional 51mm armor plate overlapping with the 330mm belt armor.

The four main turrets are armored well with only the roof armor (108mm) being a viable target for dive bombers.  With 330mm on the turret faces and 279mm covering the sides/rear it is difficult to knock out the main turrets of the Warspite.  The barbettes that the main turrets sit on have a 256mm armor just below the turrets and 177mm thereafter that connects the turrets to the powder magazine.  The weaker 177mm armor is overlapped by the 152mm main belt “one” area excluding the main turret located just in front of the coning tower.  This main turret has a 202mm weak spot(177mm+25mm) that can be damaged.  The powder magazines themselves are heavily armored with a minimal of 330mm covering them and a maximum of 457mm armor(raw thickness) protecting them).

Outside of the heavily armored areas reviewed above you are left with the forward/aft ends of the ship and the superstructure/conning tower.  The forward and aft ends do not house any critical areas and will not do maximum damage if targeted but they can provide consistent damage for destroyers and cruisers.  Keep in mind that unlike other ships the HMS Warspite has a few areas with 152mm and 102mm in the forward/aft ends of the ship.  The superstructure is largely unprotected outside of the conning tower (76mm) and the secondary guns/AA mounts that reach a maximum of 20mm.