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The tier 7 United States Navy battleship Colorado sees minor improvements over the New Mexico battleship when it comes to protection when you compared the two head-to-head.  However, moving up from tier 6 to tier 7 you will now see more tier 9 and tier 10 battleships which will make short work of your armor if you are no careful.  The Colorado suffers from having less health points than the New Mexico so even though it sees an increase in its armor protection overall it is actually a slight downgrade to survivability.  Compared to the New Mexico the Colorado’s citadel area is smaller and also stronger around the waterline when compared against the New Mexico.

This World of Warships Colorado armor guide will break down the Colorado’s armor based on thickness and overall protection.  Green areas are the least protected, followed by yellow/orange, and finally red areas are the strongest areas on the Colorado.  Keep in mind that even if an area is poorly protected it doesn’t mean it will take full damage.  Figuring out where the citadel area, powder magazine, and propulsion will help you maximize your damage output if you can penetrate these areas.

World of Warships Colorado Armor Guide


Like many other American battleships the Colorado focuses the majority of its armor in a few critical areas.  The main turrets, conning tower, and the upper portions of the barbettes are protected very well compared to other areas of the ship.  The remaining bulk of the armor is focused on the main belt which starts at 343mm thick in the “upper” area that attaches to the barbettes.  This then tapers down to 318mm just above the waterline and then thins even further to 178mm just below the waterline.  Finally the “lower” part is only 85mm thick but is virtually impossible to actually hit.  The main belt area protects the citadel area that also includes the powder magazines located under the main turrets and the propulsion system located under the stacks.

Aside from the “upper” portion of the main belt the other three areas have an additional 85mm armor plate behind them that will need to be penetrated to damage the powder magazines and propulsion systems.  Also, in the “above/at waterline” and “below waterline” belt areas there is an additional 25mm torpedo bulkhead situated outside of the main belt armor.  This layered defense makes it very difficult for most ships to punch through any of these areas unless they are firing directly at the main belt armor without any additional angles.

Outside of the main belt you have 3 areas to focus on to cause massive citadel damage where the barbettes are highlighted in yellow.  These areas are only protected by 114mm-139mm and are easily penetrated if you can hit the correct places.  There is also an extremely weak section beneath the main turret in front of the conning tower that only has a paltry 25mm protecting a small sliver between the 114mm armored barbette and 343mm main belt.

Outside of these areas you are left with the superstructure which is vulnerable to high-explosive damage and the non-vital forward/aft ends.  Doing damage outside of the central amidships part of the Colorado will see your damage potential plummet since you are damaging non-vital parts of the ship.  Your best bet is to try to penetrate the weak spots found under the main turrets, setting the super structure on fire, or getting a direct shot at the main belt armor in a spot your ship can penetrate.