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The tier 6 United States Navy battleship New Mexico is fitted with a heaping amount of armor that allows it to withstand a lot of punishment before being sunk.  The New Mexico’s citadel area is heavily protected and its four main turrets will withstand almost any shell thrown their way due to them being the most heavily armored section of the ship.  The New Mexico also features layered armor running along the waterline amidships that helps protect it against torpedoes and other incoming fire.  This World of Warships New Mexico armor guide will break down the New Mexico into key areas and also detail the armor thickness in different areas.

World of Warships New Mexico Armor Guide


Being a battleship part of the New Mexico’s task is to expect to take a beating in a battle and to shrug off a lot of damage that other ships wouldn’t be able to.  The New Mexico can do this since it has a 343mm main belt that runs just above/along the waterline and covers all but the forward and aft ends of the side of the ship.  Below the waterline the belt armor’s first layer is 25mm followed by a slightly thinner 203mm belt armor plate, and then an angled 51mm plate behind that.  This gives the New Mexico increased resistance against torpedoes and also AP rounds due to the 3 layers of armor but it is still slightly weaker then the 343mm armor above it.  Rounding out the armor covering the citadel area on the hull is the main belt “bottom” section that drops to a 115mm armor plate covered by a thin 25mm layer on the outside to guard against torpedoes.  Overall this main citadel area is very well protected and is difficult, especially when fired upon at an angle, for even other battleships to penetrate.

The four main turrets are very well armored with the front having 457mm armor, the sides/top having 254mm, and the rear having 229mm.  If any shells attempt to punch through the front of your turrets they are in for a rude awakening and the New Mexico rarely loses a main turret in a battle due to the protection they have.  The main turret barbettes are armored well just underneath them in the red sections since they are protected by 320mm of armor and an additional 25mm below deck.  However, the orange sections drop down to 114mm above deck and only 139mm below deck for all but the most aft main turret due to the thickest barbette armor that for some reason tapers off.  The coning tower located just behind the main turrets in the front is protected by 406mm of armor and is very difficult to deal with the superstructure armor across the rest of the ship is a maximum 16mm thick.  Finally the forward end, aft end, and any area of the hull outside the heavily fortified main belt of the ship is only 25mm thick.

When you look at the New Mexico’s armor scheme you find a battleship built to protect the vital areas of the ship the most and this limits to amount of damage you will receive to your magazine, propulsion, main turrets, and citadel area.  Your main concern is against other battleships if you give them a clear shot broadside to you or a plunging shot through your deck at long ranges since you run the risk of an armor-piercing shell making its way through.  Outside of this happening the New Mexico will withstand a lot of damage and is built to last in a fight.