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The tier 6 United States Navy destroyer Farragut certainly doesn’t have any resemblance of armor capable of protecting it from enemy warships being that it is a destroyer.  However, it is important to know where the modules are on destroyers since you are most likely wanting to disable them before they launch a massive torpedo barrage at you.  This World of Warships Farragut armor guide will break down the Farragut not only based on armor protection but also outline key modules and areas to focus your efforts on.

World of Warships Farragut Armor Guide


Being a destroyer the Farragut isn’t going to win any contests on armor protection but knowing where to land your shells will help you knock out key modules that a Farragut needs to remain a threat.  As you can see there is no citadel on the Farragut since destroyers do not have any citadel areas and therefore aiming at the amidships area actually is doing you a disservice. Instead if you focus on the forward end under the main turrets you give yourself a chance at hitting the magazine beneath them.  Towards the rear of the ship you have a smaller target to hit but this area is jam packed with crucial modules a Farragut needs to stay afloat.  Starting at the torpedo launchers and ending at the stern you have the rudder/steering, a small magazine, two main turrets, and both torpedo launchers.  Landing shells here will maximize module damage while also hopefully taking out the Farragut’s torpedoes and thus limiting their damage potential.